Oklahoma guv signs violent games bill into law

GamePolitics broke the news over the weekend that Oklahoma governor Brad Henry (D) threw his John Hancock on HB3004, a little piece of legislation by Rep. Fred Morgan (R) that, by classifying them as "harmful to minors," would restrict the sale or rental of violent videogames to minors effective November 1st. Now, I understand that Oklahoma is sort of flat, but that's one slippery slope they've gotten themselves on.

MoonDust6196d ago

LAME! Thank god i'm not under 18 :)

Schmitty076196d ago

What video games children play are up to the parents. Good this is in Oklahoma!

PS360PCROCKS6196d ago

It's good and bad, but it's taking away from people's free rights, but yeah than god I'm 21 cause they can't stop anything from getting to me