Gamestop Reviews COD3 for the PS3

Though it plays like many other WWII-based first-person shooters, Call of Duty 3 is a great game with top-notch production values.

The Good: Gorgeous visuals; amazing sound; 24-player online play; feels just like you're a small part of a huge war.

The Bad: Single-player campaign doesn't play much differently than Call of Duty 2; story isn't particularly engaging; inconsistent frame rate.

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4452d ago
shikwan4452d ago

You too can have the crappier version of CoD3! Why waste your money on a 360, and buy the best CoD3 experience, when you can pay more and get less?? Less quality, less online experience.

But there is MORE. More cpu cheats (killing you thru walls, etc) becuase the PS3 is harder to program for.

Arkham4452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )

I'm not surprised, esp. given that they didn't get an updated devkit until Sept. or so.

I am surpised they gave it such a good rating with those flaws - I'd have expected a 7-odd score. I suppose that means that while they still exist, the problems aren't that detrimental to gameplay. They'd certainly p*ss me off though.

Anyway, nothing much to see here folks, move along.

InMyOpinion4452d ago

Nothing much to see here? They did'nt get their devkits on time?? No more great excuses? This is seroius news. The problems not in the devkits, it's in the arcitecture of the Ps3. I guess you'll just have to wait another 3 years or so until the developers learn how make decent games for the Ps3.

Funky Town_TX4452d ago

Would the PS3 version have less features. With 100 gig disc it should have more features right. Just kidding. I ditched call of duty 2 because of repeatative gameplay. I will pass on WWII shooters from now one. How many COD's can there be.

M3RCUTIO4452d ago

I've noticed a trend in framerate issues in most of the reviews I've been reading. Here's hoping the kinks get worked out eventually.

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The story is too old to be commented.