Five Years of Xbox

November 15, 2001. With PlayStation 2 dominating the console market, software giant Microsoft - renowned for its Windows operating systems and PC gaming titles - takes its first, bold steps into the console gaming arena with the US launch of the highly anticipated and much vaunted Xbox.

Its release signals the start of an epic rivalry between Microsoft and Sony, two corporate giants jostling for marketplace supremacy like a pair of combatants in a coin-op beat 'em up. Console gaming would never be the same again…

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ASSASSYN 36o4450d ago (Edited 4450d ago )

Proud to say I have been loyal from day one of launch to being the first beta tester for xbox-live in arkansas to modding the heck out out my 360. Thks microsoft for causing me to procrastinate in school and lose a girlfriend who couldn`t stand my gameplay only to find one thats a hardcore fan. Thanks for the long sleepless nights of talking trash in rainbow 6 (xbox).

Silver Bull3t4450d ago

If I don't get flowers I'm not talking to you...

PS360PCROCKS4450d ago

wow can you say cliffhanger, but yep I haven't owned any other console Xbox, Microsoft does a great job awarding consumers for buying their products...