PlayStation Plus: Stick it to the Man and PES 2014 Free for Members

Posted by Kristine Steimer on May 05, 2014 // Sr. Community Specialist

Tomorrow, PlayStation Plus members get two very different types of games – Stick it to the Man on PS4, an adventure game with platforming elements mixed in, and PES 2014 PS3, the latest entry in Konami’s venerable soccer series.

Stick it to the Man boasts a bright, animation-inspired aesthetic and witty dialogue. You’ll navigate puzzles as Ray, a normal guy with a completely average pink arm sticking out of his head. The extra appendage allows him to see other people’s thoughts and grab stickers from their brains.

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iamnsuperman1689d ago

Stick it to the man is a great game. It has some issues with controlling the big pink arm thing but I am generally enjoying it

Visiblemarc1689d ago

The pink arm issues basically disappear on Vita, where I played it.

There were some pretty bad sound syncing bugs though at a few small parts near the end.

That said, I paid full price for the game and absolutely adored it. For free, it is another amazing ps+ perk.

Though, I don't regret buying it even though I'd have gotten it free, it was worth every penny.

DigitalRaptor1688d ago

Are the issues that bad? I never realised it was actually available for Vita, but if the issues are bearable, then I might buy it.

nope1111689d ago

Sports.... MEEEEEHHHH. I'll renew next week.

roland821689d ago

Haven't enjoyed any of the free games on ps4 yet

SpitFireAce851688d ago

Did you play Outlast great game loved it:-)

PixelNinja1689d ago

Stick it to the Man is my favorite game on the PS4 at the moment.

From the gameplay to the comedy, it's just one of those "feel good" games.

DigitalRaptor1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

The game is an absolute gem. Funny writing, great voice acting, superb art style and inventive and fun gameplay.

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