Here’s What A Yoshi Wii U GamePad Could Look Like

During Mario Kart 8 Direct, director Yabuki Kosuke compared lap times between the bike and the kart. What’s really cool is that he was using, what appeared to be at first sight, a Yoshi Wii U GamePad. It looks like a standard white GamePad except for the bottom, which is Yoshi-green in color.

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BoneBone2941d ago

It's a Wii U dev kit GamePad.

I think buying new GamePads would be quite expensive, so I'm waiting on someone to produce some quality custom GP plastic housing shells (and sticks & buttons) which I can fit myself. I dont like the silicone cases and covers.

DoggyBiscuit2940d ago

That gamepad look sweet too bad is a Dev kit

nope1112940d ago

I seriously thought that was Vladimir Putin in the pic.