Driveclub Pushes PS4 Visual Boundaries @ Rock-Solid 30FPS, Says Director

Paul Rustchynsky promises that Driveclub will push the boundaries of PS4 graphics with a locked, rock-solid 30FPS framerate.

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rarity3699d ago

I'm glad it holds a solid framerate.

sobotz3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

After delayed by 1 year still couldn't achieve their target's fps. And yesterday, they're announcing it like it was gonna be 60fps.

I'm not hating this, or anything, I just pissed off so many games got delayed this year.

xHeavYx3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

They didn't announce anything yesterday saying that the game would run at 60 fps, all they said is that's what they were trying to get at

FITgamer3699d ago

It's not a sim, so it might not be bad. I mean Motorstorm was only 30 fps and it was awesome.

scott1823699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

When things get hyped like this and delayed it never ends well and it never meets peoples expectations. Honestly, it will be a fun game no doubt, but it is too hyped and delayed too long.

MysticStrummer3699d ago

"yesterday, they're announcing it like it was gonna be 60fps"


Glad to hear it's a solid 30. Looks amazing. Any PS+ user that likes racing games will at least check this out, and I bet most will end up buying the full version sooner or later.

NewMonday3699d ago

unfortunately this will be a deal breaker for many, it will stop it getting good reception.

IMOO a waste of time and money when Sony already have the biggest racing game in the world GT, Evolution should just turn to a backup studio for PD, helping them build tracks, cars and playtest.

Eyeco3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )


30FPS for a racer is huge bummer for me personally, I'm not sure if it's a deal breaker, but it's certainly put me on the fence with the game

I would rather Evolution be a Vita developer if anything , Polyphony Digital as well as SCEJS are said to make a comeback this generation so they'll be fine. But I agree we already have GT do we need another racing exclusive, do we need another shooter, if we have Uncharted (The Order) ?

kaiserfranz3699d ago

When they announced "like it was gonna be 60fps" ? No such thing happened.

Christopher3699d ago

They didn't announce it "like it was going to be 60fps". That was all journo built hype.

NewMonday3699d ago


a few things missing are top FPS(killzone not doing it), a WRPG like the Witcher/Dragon Age and a JRPG(something AAA, not nice but average like Wilde Arms). Sony also needs to reboot GOW

AliTheSnake13699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

It was either going to be 60fps with less impressive visuals. Or 30 fps with more impressive visuals. They chose the 30, they made the game so they know better. That is how they want to represent the game.

You will always see 30fps. No current nor next gen is going to change that. 30fps is considered good, it's what console players (the target audience) is used to . With new consoles, developers always want to push graphics, therefore framerate would go down to 30.

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Timesplitter143699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

30 fps isn't a solid framerate. THis is 2014 and no game should go under 50-60fps.

Seriously I'm so disappointed with the current consoles I think I'm gonna skip them entirely and stick to my PC.

It's not even just the performance that's better on PC, the game philosophy is better too. It's more modern and progressive. My favorite games are DayZ, Kerbal Space Program and WarThunder. They're all games with a very open development process and a very active community. The games are supported continuously after release and the devs interact directly with the community for feedback and suggestions. SOE's H1Z1 stream yesterday was a great example of this. This is the future I want for games, not the old "hurr we're a big company and everything we do is top secret" mentality that console devs are still stuck in.

MetaReapre3699d ago

As much as I would have loved this game to be 60 fps, I can't agree with every game being 60 fps. The next Gen systems out now do not have enough power as of yet (maybe when better drivers and such come out to better use the hardware) to have every game at 60 fps. And until then I will stick with pc for any game I would rather play in 60fps.

Christopher3699d ago

H1Z1 is coming to PS4 as well...

kaiserfranz3699d ago

2014 has nothing to do with framerate. Frame rate is purely a design decision.

They could always scale back graphics and reach 60FPS, but clearly it is not their design goal.

3699d ago
AliTheSnake13699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

@Timesplitter14 Framerates vs Graphics. It's a choice. A "design decision" .
They want to represent the game in 30fps but higher quality graphics.

See if it was running 60fps, the graphics would be of lower quality and you would do the same play and say the same crap, but this time blame the graphics and not the framerates.

You will always see 30fps. No current nor next gen is going to change that. 30fps is considered good, it's what console players (the target audience) is used to . With new consoles, developers always want to push graphics, therefore framerate would go down to 30.

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HugoDrax3698d ago

Scaled back or not. FORZA 5 is 1080P / 60 FPS, and looks damn good, sounds amazing, and plays very well. You would know this if you played video games, and wasn't a fanboy.

Eddie201013698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

I've played more video games than you have probably ever seen, on all systems. You sound like the fanboy. Drive club looks great, much better than Forza's last gen graphics, hopefully the game play will match.

Festano3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

The game is beautiful, the graphics also sin to 30 framerate, maybe with a patch after the release of the lead at 60 framerate.

I_am_Batman3699d ago

There is literally no way you can double the framerate with a patch on the same hardware.

TheDevKit3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Not without 7 years of progressive rendering techniques; but by then, the developer isn't going to be inclined to come back and patch it up.

starchild3699d ago

It's funny to me that people think this is possible. Doubling the framerate would literally require twice the performance from the hardware. You can't simply patch that in.

kaiserfranz3699d ago

Yeah, it really doesn't happen. Let's hope 30FPS are truly "rock-solid" as he said though.

I think Motorstorm was 30FPS as well and I had a lot of fun with it!

Fireseed3699d ago

Most likely not... if they're saying that they believe its pushing the PS4s visual boundaries there likely isn't much more those programmers can get out of it... ESPECIALLY not after a delay this long, if it was going to have 60... it would have been done during the delay.

XtraTrstrL3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

That'd be the most unrealistic unbelievably magical patch ever.

Christopher3699d ago

That'll happen when DX12 doubles the power of the Xbox One.

Gamer6663699d ago

Typically you don't double the frame rate with a patch afterwards.