Daylight 60 minutes gameplay video

Zombie Studios' Daylight is available now and features some tense horror first person adventuring in a procedural environment. This video showcases 60 minutes of chilling gameplay.

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KinjoTakemura1657d ago

This isn't a horrible game. It's just not scary. It was just created by people with no imagination. There were scenes in the game where chairs, i.v. stands, and mattresses moved in an attempt to create a jump scare, but it failed. I mean really failed. They should have made the furniture and items suddenly fly towards the main character it would have had more impact in my opinion. It's like the developers took every cliché from the worst horror movies of 2014 and 2013 and put them into this game. The game isn't scary at all. It does have some "shock" value, but it's definitely no Outlast. Maybe the developer(s) of this game think that Paranormal Activity was scary? LMAO I think all survival horror developers need serious lessons in horror and fear. Some, if not all, of these movies will definitely have you cringing and squirming in your seat: Devil Inside, Grave Encounters, VHS 2, Quarantine, Midnight Meat Train, The Collector, and my favorite, Ritual (2012) Indonesian movie. These movies break the often repeated clichés associated with horror and offer up heavy doses of violence, tension, helplessness, and fear. Before making another horror game, maybe developers need to learn what exactly is scary.

I give it a 6, and only because it was 10 bucks with PS plus.

bunt-custardly1657d ago

You're right, it's not scary per se but does have some decent atmosphere - aside from being cheap. It was £7.99 on Steam yesterday.

KinjoTakemura1657d ago

That's one of the reasons I bought it. It was cheap. It is entertaining when you stream it. Your viewers have the chance to interact with the game which makes that aspect of the game interesting. But the main story itself is only interesting enough to keep me busy until Outlast Whistleblower comes out next week. Other than that, I probably won't be playing this game on or after next Tuesday.