GamesAsylum - Warface - Review

GamesAsylum: "If you decided to give the Warface beta a miss then you made a wise choice. The servers were about as stable as a three-legged table, and even when they were up and running there were countless irritations to contend with.

One particularly annoying quirk was that when attempting to host a match you’d often end up being thrown out of your own lobby on the grounds of being “inactive”. We understand that beta games are in an unfinished state, but where the logic in this lied we simply do not know. On top of all this, there are reports that some players who spent money on in-app purchases in the beta are yet to have their purchases carried over to the full release.

Since Warface exited the beta stage earlier this month the servers have become more stable, but they still fall well short from offering the kind of reliable service that we’re now accustomed to"

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