Nintendo Should Not Just ‘Do Whatever it Wants’

GenGAME writes: "3DS is on track to be the poorest-selling Nintendo handheld in history. Wii U’s following close behind. None of their games seem to be doing much to stem the decline, despite Nintendo’s insistence that the big hit they’re waiting for could come along any day now. It’s as though Nintendo’s in kind of a funk.

"But instead of trying to figure out where they’re going wrong, instead of trying to correct their understanding of their audience’s needs… instead, Nintendo management has decided to dig in their heels and double down on doing what they want to do."

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SpiralTear1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

You know, the Virtual Boy was marketed as a portable system...

randomass1711725d ago

Yeah, I raised an eyebrow at that statement as well. 3DS is lowest selling? I thought it was selling well. A hell of a lot more than VB, that's for sure.

SpiralTear1725d ago

I know the author is trying to make a point, and I do respect that, but hyperbole is pretty easy to identify.

DarthZoolu1725d ago

Its the truth. Nintendo could rule gaming.Zelda should have been skyrim before skyrim, and MMetroid should have been Mass Effect before mass effect. When N64 came out they were making cutting edge stuff now... not so much.

N4g_null1725d ago

N64 was exactly cutting edge? It was better but not cutting edge. Let nintendo do what they want. Getting advice from current gamers isn't a great idea. We can barely agree in the comment section of these Web sites.

UltimateMaster1725d ago

They should do what the consumer ask them to do.

LOL_WUT1725d ago

Agreed but as long as SOME of Nintendo's fanbase keeps accepting everything they do without asking for anything then they'll just continue to have the same mindset. ;)

randomass1711725d ago


That actually makes sense. I don't see why fans would ever be satisfied with Nintendo's handling of online multiplayer. It's been over a year and the first online multiplayer game is actually hitting Wii U in about a month. 3D World, NSMBU, Pikmin 3 and Donkey Kong all should have had online multiplayer.

MultiConsoleGamer1725d ago

Absolutely not.

People don't know what they want, and when you ask them, and then create a product based on their desires, they'll want something else by the time it's released.

MrSwankSinatra1725d ago

"People don't know what they want" They obviously don't want the Wii U otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation, now would we?

thehobbyist1725d ago

Mr Swank Sinatra
More than 6 million people disagree with your opinion.

randomass1711725d ago

@MrSwankSinatra Actually I do think those who know about the Wii U and understand it want one, but they desire a lot more incentive to own it. Better features and games and all of that.

millzy1021725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

Since when is 42 million units sold in 2 years and 9 months (31,3,2011 - 31,12,2013)
Considered a bad thing.

The gameboy line sold (from OG gameboy to gameboy color including pocket) 118.6 million.
between 1989 and 2003 that's 14 years over 3 different models of game boy.

The 3ds has done a quarter of this in less than 3 years on its own, you can't just look at numbers in black and white and think gameboy sold 118 million and 3ds only 42 without looking at time on market and how many different models sold.

MasterCornholio1725d ago

Why are you ignoring the Wii U?

Just because the 3DS is doing great doesn't mean that everything else is doing well as well.

Just look at PS4 sales and compare it to Vitas.

N4g_null1725d ago

If you listen to the consumer they don't want the ps4 games ethier and the ratings are looking meh. If you listen to consumers they got an apple or samsung. They liked angry birds and buy black ops or ghost religiously. If you look at everything sony seems to be ignoring the most in an effort to make movie games. It seems nintendo make more games based off user wants than any other based on the sales records. 2d mario sold way more than tlou or UT. I could go on. Apparently gamers like 8 gigs gddr5 lol. Sony was smart to put this in there to inflate the value and hype of the console. The slightly faster gpu is where it shines. People would rather believe in the hype than do some research on why pcs don't use gddr5.

so far they all are doing what they want and not exactly what gamers want. If they where not they wouldn't need any pr and we wouldn't be worried about specs.

UnceasingElias1725d ago

scissor_runner you are 100% right! Nintendo knows what this gen needs. Gamers today only care about graphics and story (Nintendo fans arediffernt though). If every dev listen and did what gamers wanted, the gaming industry would fall

N4g_null1725d ago

Sony has been listen as you guys say for 4 gens and they are broke or selling off their company. Why would anyone else follow them. It's just not sound.

randomass1711725d ago

@MasterCornholio A little off-topic much? The OP was refuting the idea that the 3DS is not selling well by comparison to other handhelds which is one of the first points the author started with. At no point in his comment did he say anything about Nintendo doing well in all departments.

millzy1021725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

I'm not really ignoring the Wii u every one knows it's not selling well but when an article has to make stuff up so badly on the first 3 sentences that I don't want to read it I'm going to call out there bullshit. Everybody is downplaying the 3ds and it was the highest selling video game console of last year. People need to stop down playing nintendo as a hole because of Wii u, because surely sony must be royally fucked because they won't even disclose how many vita have sold to customers.

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legendoflex1724d ago

When the Game Boy line was sold, the gaming population was less than a third of the size it is now. So... pretty difficult to compare the 3DS directly to the Game Boy and come away with an accurate picture of 3DS performance.

Realplaya1725d ago

There company there money. It's funny when the Wii and 2ds were killing no one was running their mouth.

thehobbyist1725d ago

People can say they want. But Nintendo has over 3 billion in surplus and Sony's millions in debt and is shutting down it's departments and laying off it's employees. While Nintendo is adding departments and hiring employees.

UnceasingElias1725d ago

You can allways get new customers without loosing any old ones. Nintendo will allways make games and hopfully consoles but I dont see why they shouldn't try new areas. Nintendos future qol products are not for gamers. Does that mean that Nintendo doesn't listen to their fans? No. They try to create new fans but very differnt ones indeed.

N4g_null1725d ago

If there are gamers that like QOL stuff they will buy it. If they Don't then they won't.

We have had some of these games already it seems, brain train and wiifit. They sold great too. Lots of gamers bought it also... well they like games and not just certain games.

Hardcore is only a marketing term... it was all a lie there never was such a thing. If there was then you switched the meaning.

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