New Destiny Info: PS4 lead platform, Accusation of Favoring Playstation Over Xbox, Screens & More

Bungie has just lifted an embargo from new details about their upcoming sci-fi IP, Destiny and as a result of this new details are flowing in.

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JoGam1687d ago

Accusations of favoring Playstation over Xbox. LOL. People favored the 360 over PS3 with a lot of games. Just face it, Its Playstation turn to be favored.

MysticStrummer1687d ago

Yeah expect PS4 to be the lead platform most of the time, between the consoles anyway.

cleft51687d ago

I would be more concerned if the more powerful console wasn't the lead platform. Ultimately Xbox One people benefit from this as well because the game is being optimized for the higher end console.

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UnbiasedOpinions1687d ago

This deal was made before even one console was sold, this has nothing to do with the sales of the consoles, Activision simply wanted a stake in both consoles by giving Destiny to PS4 and COD to Xbox, not everything is a console war, but i forgot this is N4G and its filled with insecure fanboys

ZodTheRipper1687d ago

Best place to play Destiny =)
It also launches one day before my birthday, I probably won't get any better birthday gifts this year :D

truefan11687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

I hope you realize is all about money. For example the watch dogs developer says XB1 will have the more dynamic environment, then a contract is signed with ubisoftn and there is no more talk of the XB1 version. Titanfall was only a timed exclusive, then a contract was signed and then it was only available on MSFT platforms. AC has exclusive ps4 content because of a contract, so did MGS, and The Division will have exclusive XB1 content because of a contract. All this stuff has to do with, this early in the generation. If the sales gap keeps expanding then we can say it's because of the install base for multiplats.

PS i imagine all multiplat games up until about 2016 were being developed at least 1 year before this gen started.

@Lukas ps4 has been their lead platform for Destiny since February 2013, they simply wanted to make a ps4 game. They probably didn't even know the specs or none of that stuff at that point seeing as how Sony was being tight lipped. You guys just trying to use that as a slight to XB1. They made Halo for xbox and are simply trying to be an even developer by giving Destiny to ps4 fans.

GarrusVakarian1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )


Exclusive content and lead platforms are two completely different things. He wasn't talking about platform exclusive content, he was talking about expecting the PS4 to be the lead platform for most games this gen. Which is true.

So why the hell are you mentioning money-hatting devs for exclusive content? The exclusive PS content in destiny is no doubt due to money-hatting, but the PS4 being the games lead platform (which is what the guy you replied to is talking about) is not.

So no, it's not *all* about money. The game will look and run the best on PS4...because the PS4 is more powerful and easier to use. Simple as that.

Bathyj1687d ago

Truefan, youre saying Bungie are using PS4 as the lead because they feel they owe Playstation gamers something?


PS4 is simply the more powerful console, and is leading in popularity. There is absolutley no reason for Bungie (or anyone) to NOT use PS4 as the lead, except thos contracts you were talking about. The only reason MS will get preferential treatment or 3rd party exclusives is because of their big wallet.

Case in point, you incorrectly said Bungie made Halo for Xbox. They didnt make it for Xbox. They were working for years on, there was even talk at the time of it being on Mac. MS just had the good foresight to buy its exclusivity only instead of just buying the game, they bought the studio.

It worked well for them, they wouldnt have got anywhere without Halo so it was a shrewd move, but lets not rewrite history here. It was a purchase.

XxExacutionerxX1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Destiny is game that will most be played online. Xbox Live will deliver a better experience online. Playstation 4 is not that much powerful. Enjoying a very small bump in graphics isnt enough to buy the Playstation 4 verison over the Xbox One. Ill rather have smoother online play.

Utalkin2me1686d ago


You can keep telling yourself that, SMH.

imt5581686d ago


Quote :

"For example the watch dogs developer says XB1 will have the more dynamic environment, then a contract is signed with ubisoftn and there is no more talk of the XB1 version..."

Yeah, i remember that article almost a year ago. About cloud stuff PR bullshit. More dynamic city with the cloud. :rolleyes:

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MysticStrummer1686d ago

@UnbiasedOpinions - I said nothing about power or sales. PS4 will be the favored lead platform because it's easier to work on, which is the same reason 360 was the favored lead platform last generation.

@truefan - I remember that WD article, and that quote wasn't about PS4 vs XB1, it was about PS3/360 vs PS4/XB1. The current gen consoles will have more dynamic cities than the last gen consoles. Yes, he said XB1 in the quote, but the question was about next gen vs current gen and he also talked about the water which will be different between the generations. You're going to be letdown if you expect XB1 to have the more dynamic city.

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DigitalRaptor1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

@ truefan1

And if there was any more need to prove that Xbots don't do their research and run with falsities, this is it:

"For example the watch dogs developer says XB1 will have the more dynamic environment,"

DO RESEARCH. That was the developer talking in regards to last-gen consoles having a less dynamic environment compared to next-gen consoles.

Laughable. Truly laughable.

nerdman671686d ago

Yeah, but as usual there will be deals with companies to show footage exlusively on one console. That is how the industry has always gone

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XisThatKid1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

yup "sales don't matter"

Volkama1686d ago

Exacutioner I would expect that Activision will put enough welly behind Destiny to have it's own servers, and probably use them for both versions. If that's the case then the online performance will be the same across both platforms.

XBox Live should provide better online play for loads of games, but I do not think Destiny will be one of them.

Mr Pumblechook1686d ago

As PS4 is the lead platform it means the Bungie team will take advantage of its extra graphical power although Bungie are consummate professionals and you can bet they will deliver the same 'experience' on Xbone.

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GarrusVakarian1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

" People favored the 360 over PS3 with a lot of games"

Correction, the *majority* of games. The 360 was easier to work with last gen and because of that, most multiplat devs favoured it. Now the PS4 is easier to work with and more powerful, they want to show off the best version of their game. What's wrong with that? They shouldn't have to answer for anything.


Forget bias man, just Speak_da_Truth! Lol. Last gen, the 360 got the best multiplats, this gen it's the PS4's turn. Deal with it.


Yeah, people did do that. But i only played multiplats on the 360, so i took no notice of those people. Lmao.

Speak_da_Truth1687d ago

You always make comments that are really thoughtful lol idk I'm too playstation biased to do that hahahaha

Septic1687d ago

"The 360 was easier to work with last gen and because of that, most multiplat devs favoured it."

Indeed. But imagine my frustration when people on here were accusing devs of being too lazy to take hold of the "POWAH of the CELL" (a lot like cloud...except that it kind of existed). And these comments were getting agreed and bubbled up!

So double standards and all...but I agree with you.

HacSawJimThugin1687d ago

"They shouldn't have to answer for anything."

Wrong. 360 gamers are the reason this project is even happening and Bungie needs to be mindful of that. If not for our undying love and support for Halo there would be no Destiny. I'm not about to rage about the PS4 being the lead platform good for them, just don't forget your roots. Imagine if Naughty Dog created a new IP and made XB1 the lead platform, the rage and hate would be immeasurable. Sony fans would feel some type of way after supporting them just like some Xbox fans do.

With that being said I can't wait to get my hands on this game.

GarrusVakarian1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )


So rage and jealousy towards a developer going multiplat and favouring the "oppositions" console means that the devs have an obligation to answer for their platform of choice? Is that what you're saying?


Bungie don't need to answer for anything. They went multiplatform, Xbox fans knew this and have had plenty of time to adjust and accept this. Just like they have had enough time to adjust and accept to the fact that the PS4 is more preferable to devs in terms of multiplats. Like the guy says in his twitter reply, they haven't "forgotten" about Xbox or its fans, they are working on the X1 version too! It just doesn't make sense to show the X1 version if the PS4 version is the lead platform. Simply showing off the best version does not = forgetting about the other version, or its fanbase, or the platform itself.

JoGam1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

"A lot" of games, "Majority" Same difference. No correction needed.

A012345671687d ago

@ HacSawJimThugin

Actually until M$ performed a hostile take over of Bungie, their roots were in making mostly Macintosh exclusive/timed exclusives and PS2 games (as Oni was and Halo was initially planned to be). So to be mindful of their roots, and not their forced captives, would be exactly what they are doing (with the exception of Mac).

GarrusVakarian1687d ago


I didn't intent for that to sound like i was being a pretension jerk, correcting you. My bad if that's how it came across.

ShinMaster1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

@ Septic

Because many games developed exclusively for PS3 showed what it was capable of. And some third-party multiplatform games that were developed on PS3 as the lead platform performed better on PS3.

So when people found out about that, you can understand why some of them called other devs lazy for simply making 360 lead platform just because it was easy, instead of PS3 which gave better results for BOTH platforms. It was easier to port from PS3 to 360, than from 360 to PS3.

Delsin_Rowe1687d ago

@HacSawJimThugin Naughty Dog is own by PlayStation so I don't what you talking about, is like saying Imagine 343 Halo 5 and made PS4 the lead platform which doesn't make sense. Either you know who is owned by this company or don't even try mentioning game company that are owned by PlayStation.

Volkama1686d ago

@Delsin Bungie were owned by Microsof, just as Naughty Dog are owned by Sony now.

It is a very rare thing for a top studio to be sold, but in this case it seems both parties played it smart and got what they wanted without dismantling a talented bunch.

Unfortunately they went to Activision, and it is hard to imagine a scenario worse than that :)

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Septic1687d ago ShowReplies(2)
captain_slow821687d ago

hate to break it to fanboys/girls but hes correct :D

now onto destiny im really looking forward to it :D

Magicite1687d ago

PS4 will be main console and even system for most games from now on, thats obvious.

kenshiro1001687d ago

LOL, this is really golden isn't it?

Massacred1687d ago

No surprise here.

hardware wins out.

Sevir1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Lol. It isn't so much that PS is favored... It's more to do with Sony approaching Activision and Bungie and paid Top dollar to associate the game with the PS brand. This is evident by Sony's response when bungie announced its independence from MS... Scott Rhode tweeted that bungie's new ip would be like "Halo on steroids on the PS Brand"

Fast forward to 2013 Bungie announces Destiny as a Next Gen Game on PS4 and that exclusive DLC comes first to PS3 and PS4... And what confirms this transaction is the E3 press conference, where Andrew House announces after the Destiny live demo that Theyve established a long term exclusive partnership between Bungie and Activision, insuring the game evolves with the PS brand for the entire life of the IP. If any one is paying attention, Bungie has a 10 year contract with Activision, so every subsequent release of the Destiny IP will have PlayStation centric content, marketing and promotions... Much the same way MS enjoys COD popularity with Xbox brand, Activision and IW.

It may seem like favoritism from the outside, especially to fans that don't understand the industry and it's business practices, but there is a Ton of Money being thrown around by suits in all three of these companies, as with anything revolving third party content exclusives, it's never free, and money, deals and contract are always at the begining of these behind closed doors conversations.

Now I'm sure Devs have a soft spot for the PS4 being that it's easier to exploit and more powerful, but that's on an individual basis... So Xbox fans should calm down... It's just business.

lelo1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Basically, Microsoft should have invested in a more powerful console instead of Kinect.
They shouldn't be surprised that most games will have the lead platform on the more powerful console, PS4.

I've said it and I'll say it again. Microsoft really screwed the pooch with their console ... and I'm not even going to mention the premium 500€ price tag.

As for ...
"Destiny was showcased at Playstation 4 reveal event in February 2013 and then at E3 2013 at Sony's press conference. In addition to all these, there are some exclusive Destiny content coming to Playstation platforms and beta for Destiny will begin this summer first on PlayStation 3 and PS4."

... their is a simple answer. Sony paid them for exclusive (or timed exclusive?) content and the beta.

showtimefolks1686d ago

last generation xbox360 was the lead most of the times so what's all the fuss about. Bungie are doing the right thing go for the better console than port it to xbox one.

last gen if half the devs actually took their time every game on ps3 would have looked better, but most took the easy/cheap-cost effective rout out and made xbox 360 the lead console even though ps3 was more powerful(proff being the exclusives)

this generation ps4 will be the lead console
console that sells the most
console that sells the most software
console with best service psn-plus
console with quite possibly the IT app(psn-now)
console with sony world wide studio's exclusives

DLConspiracy1686d ago

I like Ps+ a lot. Love extra games but in all honesty XBL is better for other reasons. Not because of free games but chat quality and servers, something I hope PS starts beefing up because it desperately needs it. I own both and honestly I am very disappointed with the chat quality. In have good headsets on either end and it sounds distant and very low bit rate compared to XBL. Something that to me enhances the online experience with friends. If you don't like playing with friends than sure. Who cares I'd the chat is good but for a game that relys on your teammates it is important to me.

Cryptcuzz1686d ago

No reason why it wouldn't be favored by Bungie and other developers TBH, over the other console.

The PS4 is easier to develop for, tools/SDK's are more complete, more powerful hardware to work with, and Sony this gen has many many developers praising them for their great approach to games development. It also doesn't hurt that sales wise, they are doing very well compared to their closest competitor.

With all that going for the PS4, they wouldn't need to pay or even convince developers to develop the best for the PS4, because with all the points above, it is just feels like the natural thing to do.

TheSaint1686d ago

Exactly, MS fanboys can't seem to comprehend this simple fact.

csreynolds1686d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth. PS gamers weren't writing rant articles daily about developers favouring Xbox 360 over PS3 last gen. Sony did PS4 right, and it's earned the right to be put first.

You're aware that the next CoD is PS4-first too, right? Kinda voids your point.

Azzanation1686d ago

What exactly does favouring one console mean when the game is available on both?

Volkama1686d ago

They are using the PS4 version to demo, and they are prioritising optimising that version. It is probably a little way ahead of the other versions in scheduling terms.

At the end of the day the engine works across the platforms, and most of the designers are just building onto that engine as opposed to any particular platform. The game will then be optimised for each.

The PS4 version will almost certainly look a bit better than the One version, but that is because the PS4 is more powerful rather than because it is the lead platform. If the One version was lead then PS4 version would still look better come release.

The design decisions are not lead by the PS4 though, they are lead by the lowest common denominator. In Destiny's case this is (unfortunately) the last gen consoles.

alb18991686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

I saw the preorders and I don't see the big difference.
Remember that there are like 2.5 or 3millions more PS4 in the streets.
PS4 7million consoles sold and 268,000 preorders
XONE 4.5millions consoles sold and 232,000 preorders

Looking at this you still see the PS4 as favorite for this game?
It seems that people who has both consoles will buy it in XBOXONE because it should be this way:
PS4 350,000 preorders
XBOXONE 150,000 preorders
At least!

DefenderOfDoom21686d ago

to alb . i think those are pre order USA numbers . Worldwide pre orders will widen the gap between PS4 and XBOX1

TAURUS-5551686d ago

who wouldnt favor the PS4 over xbox1 ???

Gamer6661686d ago

I don't think 360 was favored over PS3... Nor do I think PS4 is favored over X1.

With PS3 it was just much harder to develop for cell and the SDKs weren't great for the first few years. Once SDKs improved and people understood cell, PS3 games were on par with 360.

Same can be said this generation. X1 is harder to develop for so what we are seeing is that devts are learning the console. In a couple of years we may see the same as last generation. DX12 and better understanding/tools for using ESRAM.

1686d ago
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Speak_da_Truth1687d ago ShowReplies(2)
Kayant1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

"Accusation of Favoring Playstation Over Xbox" - Co-marketing happened same as COD and every other deal of the nature.

"PS4 lead platform" - Not surprised. I do wonder how this game is going to look and run on X360/PS3.

FITgamer1687d ago

The PS4 footage looks damn good graphically. Assuming the the final build will look just as good, i'd imagine the PS3/360 version looking pretty unimpressive.

salmon_slapped1687d ago

That's not even an accusation. That's just stupid jealousy.

UnbiasedOpinions1687d ago

No i don't think its jealousy, Xbox fans are also fans of Bungie and it seems like Bungie are more Sony biased this time out, and the fans are asking questions, thats all

Sheikh Yerbouti1686d ago

Yeah, I wonder how Xbox fans think Marathon fans felt when Bungie left Apple and the Mac to work exclusively for Microsoft.

Albie3601687d ago

The weaker system will never be the lead platform.

hello121687d ago

Weaker would you say that about the PS3 and x box 360 now?

It comes down to games eventually who will win the console race. Its too early for anyone to be shouting doom and gloom for xb1.

Wait two years and see who's beating who.

Qrphe1687d ago

PS2 was lead for almost its entire gen even though it was the hardest to work with. Most popular system will always be lead.

darkstar181686d ago

didnt know the wii was a lead platform...

Qrphe1686d ago

360 was the most popular system among "gamers." The Wii was catering to my grandparents.