I Played 45 Minutes Of Destiny, And It Was Kind Of Boring

Patricia Hernandez writes: "Earlier this month, I got a chance to fly up to Washington and try Bungie's upcoming sci-fi shooter, Destiny. Walking through the Bellevue office for the first time, I'm struck by all the accolades lining the walls near the reception area. Here, a giant, life-sized statue of Master Chief stands tall, casting a shadow."

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Majin-vegeta1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

*I Played 45 Minutes Of Destiny, And It Was Kind Of Boring*

That's like saying You only watched the intro and few minutes to a movie and called it boring right away *Rolls eyes*

@Below 45 minutes does not do a game justice that most likely will be showered in content for 7+ hours.

Naga1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Ironically, it's a lot like writing off an entire article after only reading the headline.

DanielGearSolid1660d ago

That was a pretty good comeback

dc11660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

..and the article should not have been titled the way it was. It creates an unnecessary negative connotation around Destiny. It's on far to everyone involved with the game.

Naga1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

@ dc1

Honestly, I think I agree with you on that. Reading the article, I get the impression that the title, although mostly true of the author's experience, was mostly intended to be provocative. I'm never a big fan of that sort of thing.

A title like that, for a game like this, is the kind of statement that absolutely demands an explanation. But with that said, I think the depth of the author's exposition really does a fairly good job at providing that explanation. She seems very intrigued by the game and the experience being offered, but uncertain of how this will all turn out - unsure of whether Bungie will be able to *actively* captivate audiences in the same way they have in previous work.

The last few paragraphs, I think, really explain the sentiment behind the her choice of words in the title... even if we agree that they weren't the best.

Revolver_X_1660d ago

The title is just tryna make waves. You'll have to excuse me if my interest in reading the article is non-existent, after a flamebait headline such as that. Good luck with the click-baiting.

Baka-akaB1660d ago

You flamebait with titles , i dont feel compelled to read your article , it's that simple

Palitera1660d ago


It is Kotagarbage. What did you expect?

Actually, only from the headline, you can already tell it comes from that crappy site or something like GameR_nx and Examin_r.

randomass1711660d ago

Wait, how can they base their opinion off of a 45 minute demo which didn't include the cooperative multiplayer? You know, the core of the game experience? And besides, this is from Kotaku. You don't really need to read past the headline to understand how sensationalized it is.

Septic1660d ago

Lol you told him.

"Another interesting, and in my mind positive, aspect about Destiny: Bungie doesn't want it to be the sort of game that needs to take over your life, which definitely sets it apart from most MMOs."

This is weird because when they showed off Destiny last year, they were saying how they wanted the game to actually take over your life and always make you want to play it, be it through some smartphone apps and whatnot.

Anyway, the footage I saw really excited me. I'll judge for myself.

AliTheSnake11660d ago

@Majin-vegeta That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. You need to tell me I need to play 7 hours to start having fun? Any game that makes me play a full hour to start having fun is no good game. Borderlands, Fallout3, skyrim, are all fun from the first minute.

FriedGoat1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Sounds like someone with little FPS experience.
"I wish I was playing the ever-exciting Titanfall"
Really? Why name an average FPS and not a good one?

And why mention titanfall 5 times in the article?

Septic1660d ago


Oh come on man!

"Really? Why name an average game and not a good one? "

Really? Why post such a useless flamebait opinion? think Titanfall is not a good game. Well done.

FriedGoat1660d ago

Hardly flamebait, I just thought it strange that there was so much talk of titanfall in the article when they are different genres.

It's like playing GTA 5 and saying "I wish I was playing the ever-exciting saboteur".

No need to get so angry.

dc11660d ago

That's a very fair response Naga.
Oh... and forgive the typos in my initial response :)

darkmonkey13x1660d ago


"And why mention titanfall 5 times in the article?"

She mention Borderlands 6 times so???... u dont complain, why's that?

FriedGoat1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )


Have you played borderlands? Have you played titanfall?

One of these games (i'm not going to name which one) has similar gameplay and is actually comparable to destiny albeit on a smaller scale.

So let me recap, your asking me why a relevant game is being mentioned more times? What you should be asking, is why is a completely irrelevant game being mentioned 5 times.

Do you play games at all?

Ra30301660d ago

"Ironically, it's a lot like writing off an entire article after only reading the headline".
Which is what I did.

So the author is saying the same thing most everyone said about Titanfall made by Call of Duty fallouts. Titanfal was CoD with mechs and those that said that where right but so what Titanfall is a good shooter. I'm sure Destiny looks like Halo but bigger, much much bigger and way better looking than Halo IMO. Again, so what if it looks like Halo don't all shooters look and feel about the same? I didn't read the whole article I couldn't help thinking after reading the title " I played Destiny for 45 min and I was kinda boerd ". Hmm I couldn't help think that this person was an American that has to have everything come to them, right in front of them so its nice and easy or their "kinda bored" if they actually have to do something well thats asking to much..This article here is why developers and publishers pay to have article written about their games. IMO reviews, reports or anything written about a game in a published article should never be posted with that persons opinion. This person may not be a FPS fan or RPG fan or maybe not even Gaming fan. All games should release a demo or we should be able to rent the before we lay out $60 plus or more.

Gotcha51660d ago

Come on guys... you do know some games do suck when it come to curtain demo's. That why some developers fail to release a demo of their games.

UnbiasedOpinions1660d ago

IMO it looked boring compared to Halo, it lost the innocence and simplicity of Halo by trying to be something more than just a shooter, don't get me wrong i am excited for it, but it just seems boring to me for some reason

darkmonkey13x1660d ago


yes i do play games, own borderlands 1 & 2 (tbh i havent finished the 2nd :s) and i own titanfall also

irrelevant? i dont think so, she is talking about new IPs of well-know developers, the movement (parkour) and "ever-exciting" of TF, so it is relevant to know that Destiny lack of these elements and why she felt the game was boring or doesnt know how this game "will fit in a landscape that's full of shooters."

DragonKnight1660d ago

When it comes to Kraptaku, writing off the article after reading the headline is actually doing yourself a favour.

Massacred1660d ago

Dang, he tried to son them, but you soned him back!

Bimkoblerutso1660d ago

I find it somewhat surprising that people here seem to be rallying behind an article from Kotaku that criticizes a game after a superficial 45 minutes of game time.

I thought I had you guys all figured out.

ge3zy691660d ago

much well said, much greatness

Visiblemarc1660d ago

Witty, but clickbait gets what it deserves.

Ritsujun1660d ago

V-v-vegeta's rage level is over 9000!!!!!!

Eddie201011660d ago

The tittle, subject and the timing of the publish (same day Bunji release key inforamtion), hard to take seriously. Bias or Tabloid Or both.

Plus her thoughts are on one type of co-op game play that was meant for short game play sesions. Their is much more to this game than one small game play type. Article seems like pointless negativity for just having a small taste of the game.


never seen so many agrees on an N4G comment.

BinaryMind1660d ago

@MASTER_RAIDEN: Yet, "writing off an entire article after only reading the headline" is pretty much N4G in a nutshell.

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Farsendor11660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

i usually know if i like something or not in the first 30 mins either the characters grab me, story or gameplay if i cant connect with any of those in the first 30 mins more than likely im not going to like the game.

from the article
I don't think it's an understatement to say that it feels like there is a lot riding on yet another game where you shoot things in the face—for Bungie, for Activision, and for eager fans.

im ok with shooters and for any other genre.

DoctorJones1660d ago

What you say is true, if I'm not engaged after a while, then I tend to leave it alone. Life's too short.

Do I need to spend a couple of hours with a game until I feel 'Hey, this game actually is entertaining!'?

Not really.

If a game doesn't grab me by 30 mins I'm usually bored with it. Is that wrong? Maybe. But like I said, time is short, there's a lot of games out there for my attention.

Talidan1660d ago

If that's your threshold, then that's your own self and no one should expect you to do any different.

Personally, I've gone up to 4 hours trying to get into something before deciding to call it quits. Sometimes it does indeed take 2 hours for something in a game to really grab me, but I do have have the expectation that a game should be able to within the first 30 minutes.

Gotcha51660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Same here... 30 to 45mins is enough time for a game to grab your interest. I passed up a lot of games due to bad demos or rental.Thinking about passing on Destiny for Batman Arkham Knight and Alien Isolation.

Godmars2901660d ago

More like watching the Man of Steel trailer and being turned off it when Pa Kent says "maybe".

Seriously though, game looks like its going to be dependent on online social interaction. Go into a game alone, without friends, its very likely to get boring.

randomass1711660d ago

Borderlands was similar. It had the option to play solo, but I had much more fun playing it with friends. Generally coop experiences can be much more fun because all the memories you get from those games were shared with your friends.

avengers19781660d ago

Well I think a big portion of the game will be the interaction with other gamers, and the public events... I doubt they did much of that

Abriael1660d ago

I read another article by Patricia Hernandez and I wasn't one bit surprised that she didn't like the game.

She hates everything that's good.

DoctorJones1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

I've read many articles by you and I didn't agree with everything you said....but hey, carry on criticizing other writers for something you don't agree with. It shows how credible you are.

Most writers let their articles do the talking, you have to defend everything you say in every article you post in the comments section. And then go on to attack every other website that has an opinion you don't agree with.

You don't deal in journalism, you deal in comment sections.

PockyKing1660d ago

So because she doesn't like the game that makes her opinion invalid? Are you really that naïve? Just because she doesn't brownnose developers like you doesn't mean what she said isn't true and I'm sure she doesn't hate everything that's good. Some critics are harsher than others.

Abriael1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

And some critics are excessively harsh to appear smarter than others, or to set themselves aside, or to pursue their agendas.

Other keep up with the silly equation "if it's not the pinnacle of innovation it's not fun."

@DoctorJones: I've been a member of this community quite a lot longer than you, so I have every right to have fun with the discussion as much as you do.

Calling a MMO "boring" after 45 minutes is downright laughable.

Revolver_X_1660d ago

I like to call a spade, a spade. Kotaku is all about flamebait and shock value. Like Abriael, I expect it. You two must be new or Kotaku fans. No one really takes anything serious coming from that sess pool.

PockyKing1660d ago

Every time you get in a debate Abriael you digress from the original topic. You dismissed her opinion because you didn't like what she wrote about the game. That's it, there's nothing to argue there.

You always talk about speaking "positively" about games, but developers need critics, even the harsh ones to help them pinpoint what people might not like about the game. Brown nosing developers doesn't help anyone just like Ubisoft giving our free stuff to journalists doesn't help anyone.

Muzikguy1660d ago

I haven't read the article yet, just comments here. I think it's nice to see someone have a different opinion other than "Destiny is the greatest MMOFPS EVAH" type stuff. My hype for this game is nonexistent. I had it reserved before PS4 was released just like Watch Dogs. Cancelled them both. Now Watch Dogs has my attention again. Will this game? Hopefully! Too much hype is a bad thing IMO so I tend to stay away from these articles. Kudos to differing opinions!

-Foxtrot1660d ago

"She hates everything that's good"

OMG...Patricia is -Mika

Jazz41081660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

No offense but the site you write for is biased and has flame bait titles everyday. I would trust Kotaku over Gamespot and gamingbolt and dualshockers who seem just to flame and trash whatever is popular at the time. That is not reporting and it certainly is not journalism. You will learn that in journalism 101 that you must keep your opinion and bias out of it and report the facts. Btw a tweet by someone is not what I consider article material either. This author should have used a less flaming title but for a opinion piece she was professional and backed her opinions up with more then bias opinions and tweets. Most of the gaming sites are a joke and are started by people who have NO experience or training in the business. Its really unbelievable and people that do not know any better think hating on the the one is the right thing to do or reporting only negative news on a certain console when there is good positive news that should be shown as well only proves the bias coming from these sites. Its all about hits and not true journalism.

DefenderOfDoom21660d ago

Well, the best way to find out if you really like the game is to play the DESTINY beta , which is coming to a SONY console first . The DESTINY beta will come to a XBOX console , but at a later date - No word from the studio on when DESTINY beta or game coming out on PC.

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DoctorXpro1660d ago ShowReplies(6)
Dark111660d ago

I think people are only hyped for this because it's Bungie
but everything they showed so far looks average at best.

midnight_231660d ago

Just curious what triggers you to say only "average"? What I've seen and read about makes me undoubtedly believe that this is a massive and ambitious development of a game I've seen from no other developer except from that of Rockstar and naughty dog. In terms of commitment/passion, quality, and innovation. I just can't see how this game could be among the average games. In my eyes it is tiers above anything we have seen in awhile. But this is opinion to opinion. I guess I just simply wouldn't agree with what your standard for average is. Question stands though; from what you've seen, why do you see destiny as an average game?

aliengmr1660d ago


I had no preconceived notions about this game or Bungie.

When I saw the reveal I didn't see anything epic or ambitious about it. I was genuinely confused by what people were claiming. Its a shooter with bits of MMO thrown in, hardly the second coming. It looks good, not the greatest thing ever.

You would think that getting burned by hype would produce a bit more skepticism in gamers. As we can see right here, even having so-so reaction to this game produces such rage.

mhunterjr1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

45min should be more than enough time to figure out if gameplay is appealing to you. Atleast in a well designed game. Bungie, coined the phrase "10 seconds of fun" so I'd be surprised if it the investment needs to be terribly long before the games quality shines through. Halo1 was fun immediately after the controls were calibrated in the cryo-tube.

I hope the author is wrong, but I can't help but disagree with your assessment of her statement

Shadonic1660d ago

Agreed, from what i got from the trailer it just seemed too easy and while i enjoyed seeing the combat and stuff in action again it seemed like there was next to no difficulty and seemed a bit boring in that respect. I'm pretty sure that they will pull it off in terms of story and gameplay/controls since the author was positive on that part, it seemed like more of a design issue in terms of difficulty and how they presented the game to them. They have to drag them into the world and place them into the shoes of a character and envelope them into the lore and world. I would feel kind of bored if i was just thrown in front of a game to play the same thing for 45 minutes.

I would of honestly have demonstrated the little marketplace thing more giving them the ability to customize their character with weapons of their choice then lead off into showing them the scope and how open the world really is while introducing them into the back story of some of the environments they pass. I would have a sort of random events placed along the way and then bring them into the mission that Ms. Hernandez played though maybe with the difficulty cranked up a bit. I would of then ended it off with a hands on demonstration of the PVP after the previewers have edited and customized their characters.

I really hope that this was just a not so great preview because i REALLY want Destiny to work.

LexHazard791660d ago

Idk Majin, 45 mins is a long time. But just like everything else I gotta try it for myself. Just because they(she) might think its boring doesn't mean I will.

thezeldadoth1660d ago

a shooter should be fun within the first hour

thezeldadoth1660d ago

this site wouldn't be defensive of this game if it was xbox exclusive

Magicite1660d ago

a girl was bored after playing a shooter...thats surprising /s

frostypants1660d ago

45 minutes is more than enough time to get an appropriate feel for gameplay.

That said, I always found Halo to be tremendously boring, so this doesn't surprise me much.

sAVAge_bEaST1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

I agree, from Article

" I admit, I've seen very little of the game—just trailers, previews, a demonstration at Bungie's studio itself, and I've played single strike, which I've gone through a few different times. That's about 45 minutes of game time. There's still the multiplayer to consider, which they haven't unveiled just yet. I completely concede the competitive multiplayer or the raids could be more amazing than either the forgettable story stuff or the strike stuff.

To some degree, I can't even harp too much on what Destiny does wrong, based on what I've played—it reminds me, funnily enough, of Fuse. Remember Fuse? The co-op shooter that took a lot of cues from Borderlands, only without offering much of an identity of its own? That's sort of what Destiny feels like thus far: like a game that has a lot of things that look appealing on the back of a box as a features list, but that when actually experienced, don't seem like enough to carry a game."
-Because Ps4 is Lead [email protected]!!!

Yea, use that Headline.. for playing 1 One strike mission 3 times....

(I'll be buying it for the competitive Multi-Player any way.)

0ut1awed1660d ago

Right. If it has any lineage to MMO gameplay like it claims to derive it's roots from, then this guy is judging from the most boring part of the game.

kevnb1660d ago

Doesn't matter, he played it and he can have an opinion if he wants.

assdan1660d ago

First off, that's why they put stuff like that in a title. To show that it is just one opinion and the opinions shouldn't be taken is the absolute truth. And we did have some good point by the way.
I'm really hoping this game is good, but I could easily see this game being somewhat boring.

Jazz41081660d ago

This is how I felt about Infamous SS but I gave it the benifit since I have played every infamous game so far and they were okay nothing spectacular but okay. This one burnt me as it was over in less then 7 hours with no mp replay value. It felt very rushed. It was pretty but who cares about resolution if the game is not worth buying at 60.00. On topic I have sat through 2 destiny presentations and I have uploaded both to utube without sound and I was not impressed. Bungie looks like they are a shell of the former self again caring more about graphics then actual game play. A game does not have to be long and beautiful to be tons of fun as many people found this out with Titan Fall. I am really hoping from the presentations I have sat through that they have listened but as of late they have given Microsoft the cold shoulder and Microsoft #1 made bungie who they are and #2 did not have to let them have there independence. I honestly think micro did it for the good of gaming and so Bungie would not have any animosity towards them and this deal with Destiny makes me a fan of Microsoft and Bungie very upset with Bungie when they sell out to Sonys money on there first game away from Microsoft game studios. I still will purchase this game but I will wait till I get a deal on it as in my opinion Bungie bit off more then they can chew with Destiny by trying to be something to everyone.

lelo1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

In all honesty, from what I've read and seen from Destiny, it doesn't have me hyped.

There are many other games being released this year that have me way more hyped then Destiny.