Comparing digital card games: Hearthstone vs. Magic 2014 vs. SolForge

GamesBeat compares and contrasts three of the most popular digital card games, Hearthstone, SolForge, and Magic 2014.

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darkronin2292571d ago

Think I'll stick with Hearthstone for now. Magic and SolForge sound a bit more intimidating.

ColManischewitz2571d ago

Started SolForge a few days ago, and while I need to learn more about it, I like the mana curve of Hearthstone -- seems more tactical to me -- than what SolForge does so far.

JeffGrubb2571d ago

Which one is the most likely to get me laid?

Sadie21002571d ago

I don't like the mana curve of Hearthstone -- I feel like it limits what I can play. Some rounds, I have no choice as to what card I can lay down, so that doesn't seem as strategic to me.

I love the card-leveling aspect of SolForge. Best part of the game.