The Problem With inFamous Second Son's Paper Trail

PSF's Stephen:

"I have to give credit to Sucker Punch for doing something interesting with supplementary content for a game that had felt a little too brief; and for trying to keep players engaged for up to 6 weeks after the main game’s release. However, Paper Trail sadly suffered from some major flaws which left me feeling unsatisfied with my experience when delving into its mysteries."

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Neonridr2612d ago

haven't completed all of the Paper Trail, only through the first 2 parts. I agree that it's a little repetitive in that the tasks are mostly the same, however the web stuff is actually kind of cool. Trying to figure out what information is crucial or what is just filler is fun. It makes you think a little bit (like connecting the dots and writing down the numbers that the lines cross through revealing an 11 digit FAN number to use on the website). Sure maybe the actual gameplay takes a back seat, but it's nice that the developers did anything for us, they could have just left the game as is.

psplova2611d ago

NOt getting the paper power at the end is the problem with Paper Trail. Period.

Rhezin2611d ago

agreed. Maybe this next DLC will be more along the lines of Festival of Blood. The one where they actually gave you a few new powers to play with.