Full Auto 2 Delayed

Despite previous plans to release Full Auto 2: Battlelines as a "day and date" launch title with the PlayStation 3, SEGA of America has retracted that notion and confirmed with IGN that it has pushed the game back by several weeks. Here's what the company's official spokesperson had to say:

"The release of Full Auto 2: Battlelines for the PS3 is on track for a holiday 2006 release," commented the SEGA's rep. "This highly anticipated award-winning combat racing title is setting the bar on the PS3 with an intense multiplayer mode that enables up to eight gamers to play head-to-head online. SEGA is targeting an early December ship date."
Other than what was stated above, SEGA didn't provide any additional particulars regarding Full Auto 2's release. Popular online retailers Gamestop and EB Games, however, list Battlelines as appearing on December 12.

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Weapon X4446d ago (Edited 4446d ago )

So we'll have to wait 'til December. Big Deal.

UrbanJabroni4446d ago

That this game gets cancelled. I doubt any fanboy would dare say a thing, for regardless of any improvements, there is just something fundamentally "broken" with Full Auto.

THWIP4446d ago

The 360 version was a piece of sh*t, and it was ALSO delayed from a day-1 launch....SIX MONTHS. I seriously doubt they'll make the December target.

This game was essentially a 360 port, with a few more maps and cars.

HyperBear4446d ago

well i dont know about all of you guys, but I enjoyed Full Auto on the 360 and couldnt wait to play Full Auto 2, but i guess that'll have to wait. I still dont see how everyone hated that game, you guys obviously dont like blowing sh!t up, cause that game was sweet on Xbox 360 and prolly the same on PS3. So how this game sucks, I Do Not Know, but i think a lot of you gamers just either hated Twisted Metal, or prefere Burnout over Full Auto. Cause Full Auto Kicked Ass.

Grown Folks Talk4446d ago

in my country they would go crazy for burnout and twisted metal. full auto...not so much.

PS360PCROCKS4446d ago

lol great movie...I liked twisted metal it's one of my favorite games ever and burnout is pretty sick too, but I personally thought full auto was cool for like 5 minutes