20 Most Successful PC Video Games Ever

JunkExplorer: In PC games, the number of copies sold is so amazingly high for some games, and yet some well-known titles are not in top 20. Here are the 20 bestselling PC video games all the time.

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viccrack1638d ago

I remember when I use to play mist . good old days ... good list btw
oh you forgot COD .. WELL cod games are the most shtiest games (my Opinion) but made a lot of name

1638d ago
viccrack1637d ago

no its the cutest avatar ever . look at it .. don't question just loook .

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ATi_Elite1638d ago

Battlefield 2 at 11 million

that's back in the day when battlefield was done 110% CORRECTLY.

Amazing how Valve and Blizzard dominate this list but then again they are PC Elite Devs.

SonyStyled1638d ago

i hate articles that have separate pages for everything. reloading the page 20 times on this one?

barb_wire1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

20 PAGES!?! - @uck that shit, ain't no one got time for that..

So, here is the list

01 - The Sims 2 (20mil)
02 - The Sims (16mil)
03 - Minecraft (14.8mil)
04 - World of WarCraft (14mil)
05 - Diablo 3 (12+mil)
06 - Half-Life 2 (12mil)
07 - Counter-Strike Source (11.9mil)
08 - Battlefield 2 (11+mil)
09 - StarCraft (11mil)
10 - Left 4 Dead 2 (10.7mil)
11 - The Sims 3 (10mil)
12 - Counter-Strike (9.7mil)
13 - Half-Life (9.3mil)
14 - Portal (7.3mil)
15 - Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (7.1mil)
16 - Guild Wars (6.5mil)
17 - Myst (6+mil)
18 - Skyrim (6+mil)
19 - StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty (6mil)
20 - Civilization V (5.8mil)

Farsendor11638d ago

thanks a lot, my favorite games on that list is guild wars, skyrim, civ 5, WOW and battlefield 2

ATi_Elite1638d ago

you sir have just won a year supply of the Internet.

Thanks. bubbles+

hellzsupernova1638d ago

i was hoping someone would post this cause im not clicking tweenty times.

bubble for you sire.

Does the WOW numbers include expansions? cause im sure they have sold a lot more than that if you include them.
Battlefield 2 was awesome, as was Skyrim. Civ 5 I will play when i get the chance and I do not really care for much else on that list

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Skate-AK1638d ago

People will like your website more if you didn't post it on several pages for hits.

viccrack1637d ago

well the slide thingy is cool . not like most of the websites with pages and stuff .. i don't mind unless the post is good :D

SH1ELD1637d ago

EA should bring The Sims 4 this E3.