Bound By Flame Is Looking Pretty Good

The spectacular and highly tactical battles in Bound by Flame present a real challenge to any players. Bound by Flame will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on May 9, 2014.

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thund3rguy1662d ago

Will purchase this game after release based on reviews.

joab7771662d ago

Just what I am thinking. A lot of games claim to be like dark souls (well, maybe not...but a couple lately). Birkdale souls is special b/c of much more than its difdiculty.

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Farsendor11662d ago

have it pre ordered like i have stated in other article i believe this game will be 6-7 averages in reviews. which i would be fine i dont base my purchases on reviews unless its unanimously decided that the game is broken.

Summons751662d ago

I hoping for a demo to get my own opinion of them game because reviewers just like to bash or overhype for clicks. Very rarely do you find an unbiased and intelligent review.

stavrami-mk21662d ago

Lol well said.I said what you said once and the "bubble crew" said I was stupid as the motive for clicks is ridiculous. I never listen to any reviewers it doesn't matter who it is or how it's reviewed at the end of the day a 10 for one person can be a 5 for someone else. I will play this game but will wait for price drop. Ive seen alot of gameplay and it looks fairly poor not to say the game will be shit but I personally think it will only be average and not hold any sort of torch in the rpg category, I hope I'm wrong but got a feeling it won't surprise me

kazuma9991662d ago

I like how in all of the gameplay all the hp they had just hit almost zero by the end of the clips.

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Dustinf111662d ago

Im going to go ahead and buy it. I have it pre ordered. Im having faith that it will be good or great. Plus lets face it... im desperate for an RPG or any ps4 game for that matter.

The lack of games mixed with the fact that this is the first ps4 RPG/ one of the first action games may make this game much more successful than even they realize. I hope this is great and pushes them into the big leagues.

gameslayer24111662d ago

I will give leave me opinion till after I have played it, I buy all games day one unless Bills take precedence. I just can't wait!

Ron661662d ago

Shadow of mordor looks way much better!

stavrami-mk21662d ago

It does.but tbh if we're gonna compare rpg's the witcher will kill all of em :-)

Sadist31662d ago

You shouldn't purchase a game based on reviews, which is basically some unknown guys opinion. You're basically admitting that you can't think for yourself and just following everyone else's lead. Think for yourself, who cares if a guy says he doesn't like the game and gives it a low score? That's his opinion, you may feel differently. Look at how they give Assassin's Creed high scores, and the game is trash.

DLConspiracy1662d ago

I would somewhat disagree with you. If they are basing their decisions off of everyone's total review than I agree. If they have someone they follow within the same taste as them, then I see nothing wrong with assuming. Reviews are only as good as the persons tastes that you agree with.

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