Why Watch_Dogs Will Be Amazing

Jamie Richards explains why he thinks Ubisoft's upcoming open world title will be a great experience for gamers.

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Yi-Long1661d ago

I hope it will be amazing, but will be waiting for reviews to hit, plus still worried about the self-censorship that's evident from the muted violence (almost no blood when you shoot someone in the face and such...), plus the announcement of the season-pass means DLC-milking, which automatically mean I won't buy this incomplete game at full price.

ThichQuangDuck1661d ago

Look for user reviews and not official reviews. Feels like the previews are solely on the hype train. The gameplay looks fun,but again as you say not 60$ for me personally. I guess from the original trailer I believed the gameplay(NOT GRAPHICS) to be different. I thought NPCs would follow the pattern of what was displayed and would stay dead and their death could affect the world. I expected more matrix meets wikileaks.

1661d ago
LOGICWINS1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

"plus the announcement of the season-pass means DLC-milking"

Normally I would agree with you, but Black Flag also had a season pass...and that game had a crap ton of content. I don't feel like Adewale's four hour story needed to be included on disc. Black Flag is primarily Edward Kenway's story. Similarly, Watch Dogs is Aiden Pearce's story.

As long as WD gives me the FULL Aiden Pierce experience, I'm happy. I plan on buying Day 1.

Yi-Long1660d ago

Sometimes DLC IS done right, I agree, but there's no way of knowing which games will do it right, and which (vast majority) will it wrong, so the announcement automatically means I will wait.

I believe there's been a complete release announced for Black Flag, so I'm looking forward to playing that... :)

medman1660d ago

I agree. There are far too many uneducated gamers out there who want everything for nothing. I have no problem with dlc done right, these games cost tens of millions of dollars to make, some even more, and we've all seen studios fold when these games fail. As long as the main campaign isn't stripped, what is the issue? Watch_Dogs looks to offer plenty of content. So some among us still feel that's not enough? 30-40 hours (or however much it turns out to be) is not enough? There are many games that offer far less. If a game is quality, I welcome dlc. I anticipate it. I expect games like Destiny and The Division to offer almost endless persistent worlds that continue to offer new experiences for the player. These companies can't offer that level of content for a flat rate, and it's up to us gamers to decide if we are willing to pay more to get more. That's just good business.

showtimefolks1661d ago

i hope its amazing but most of the times over the last 8-10 years the first game in a new IP for UBO has been more of a tech demo. AC1 compared to AC2

i think watch dogs has a lot to live up to, i honestly see it getting mid 7's review wise to some 8's.

josephayal1661d ago

I was so hyped for this game but the ps2 graphics just killed it

medman1660d ago

You're wrong about the graphics. If the game reviews well it will sell very well.

urwifeminder1661d ago

I think it will be a sales disaster for UBI but wish them well they can afford to be a little hit and miss , so it is not like its the end of them if it fails hard.

Farsendor11660d ago

well i dont believe i have ever seen a game utilize hacking the way watch dogs does. from the time they started talking about watch dogs it was never the graphics that got me interested. was always intrigued over the game mechanics and npc that feel alive.

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