Is It time For The Xbox One To Be Sold Without Kinect?

(Zach Writes) Microsoft’s little baby, Kinect, has been pushed to the forefront of the Xbox One’s public image, with it being bundled in with the console whether you like it or not. The hardware, however, has not met the best reception from gamers around the world. Most people see it as an annoying piece of tech that has been bundled in with the console to justify the money that Microsoft invested in Kinect and, more importantly, isn’t supported by good games. Microsoft is still behind in the console war even though it has sold five million Xbox Ones, which is undeniably pretty good, but Sony are still ahead with nine million PS4s sold. Kinect could be holding the Xbox One back so is it time for Microsoft to consider selling the Xbox One without Kinect at a cheaper price?

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Axios21661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

High sales of Sony's Camera say "NO"

Might want to check your numbers...9m PS4, lol

MightyNoX1661d ago

Hey, it could be worse. They could have claimed Xbox One sold 5 million. ;P

UltimateMaster1661d ago

The console was built around voice command.
If you remove that, you remove a huge chunk of the experience.

pyramidshead1660d ago


and that's very much a sad reality.

Baka-akaB1660d ago

True but it only removes the fun of it . Functionnality wise , keeping it in your box does nothing outside of a few forgettable game features (best use so far , Dead Rising 3 , with the ambiant sounds making zombies react ) .

I'm just not so sure it's a good idea to remove your ONE uniqueness ( game library aside of course) compared to a PS4 , when you're already judged a weaker machine

Bathyj1660d ago

Thats a croc. PS4 has voice commands and you dont need a $100 camera to do it. Any cheap mobile phone headset will do.

xHeavYx1660d ago

"If you remove that, you remove a huge chunk of the experience"
How about they let people choose what they want to experience? Some people would rather have a cheaper console than a gimmick

DragonKnight1660d ago

Axios, the difference is twofold with the PSCamera. First, it's a choice. Second, people aren't buying it for the same reasons as Kinect is being shoved down people's throats. The draw of the PSCamera right now is Playroom and game streaming.

Ittoryu1660d ago

@ultimatemaster YOu don't need kinects for the voice commands they can be done with a basic headset.

MysticStrummer1660d ago

"(best use so far , Dead Rising 3 , with the ambiant sounds making zombies react )"

…which is doable with a regular headset.

mcstorm1660d ago

Kinect is not the reason why the xbox one is selling less than the PS4. Microsoft don't need to drop Kinect just like Nintendo don't need to drop the WiiU tablet controller.

The reason why they PS4 is the best selling console is because of the hype it has got from the start just like the Wii got as well as having the right price too.

Microsoft just need to drop the price of the xbox one (Which has been done in some places) and do what sony did the 2nd half of last gen which is make quality IP after IP. Microsoft have a good foot with its big IP's Halo, Gears, Forza, Dead Rising, KI ect but they need to add some new big IP and bring back some old ones too.

People are still not clear on if the Xbox one has DRM or not too.

I do find it funny that people keep saying the xbox one is in trouble yet it is outselling the 360 in its same time on the market. Yes the PS4 is the best selling console of the new gen but we will always have one console that sells better than the others as we have had every gen.

Microsoft don't need to drop Kinect they just need to start bringing what the gamers want from there services and also the games.

Nintendo are also starting to do the same and are brining out the IP's its fan base wants.

People also seem to forget that the wii, PS3 and 360 sold over 260million consoles between them and the WiiU, Xbox One and PS4 have only sold around 20 million between them so there are a lot of people yet to upgrade to a new console and this is the market Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will be looking to being to their new systems not the core fan base who have picked up a console.

creatchee1660d ago


"The reason why they PS4 is the best selling console is because of the hype it has got from the start just like the Wii got as well as having the right price too."

I think that you're half-right. The PS4 is winning because of the fact that it is cheaper. Give people the option between two products that do pretty much the same thing, and 9 times out of 10, they will pick the cheaper one. Now I know that people want to lump hype and power and exclusives into here, but those are differentiators that matter primarily to the more hardcore set. But for people looking to play Call of Duty, Madden, and Assassin's Creed every year, they choose the console that can more cheaply provide them that experience that they want. Right now, that's PS4.

If Microsoft wants to turn the tide in terms of overall sales, they have to undercut the PS4 and become the cheapest option out there. The problem is that consumers will sometimes see a price drop as a sinking ship, especially in terms of a platform such as a video game console.

xpressyoself1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

The voice commands cant be done with a simple mic. People who say this clearly have never used the kinect. It drives me nuts. If my wife sits down and says xbox show my stuff how would it know whos stuff to show if it was a "simple" mic. Use your brains people

Edit: People who say using a head set are worse. You seriously think thats a good idea. Sit there with a headset on the whole time? This isnt a gaming machine people. Its not im sorry but its not. Its an entertainment machine that plays games. They want to take over the living room.

deepio1660d ago

I have a X1 and hardly ever use the Kinect. They should drop it along with a price cut and then all they gotta do is BRING THE GAMES!

And hopefully sort out all that 1080p business too.

deepio1660d ago

..And drop the ridiculous price of digital games too!

BitbyDeath1660d ago

@mcstorm, the last 3 months Xbox has been selling worse than the 360 had in the same timeframe.

It did have a great launch though but since then the numbers have been in Wii U territory.

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GarrusVakarian1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

You're right, the PS4 camera is doing well, but it's an optional $60 camera for a $400 system. Buying both is still cheaper than buying an X1.

Kinect should be optional imo. But i don't think MS will take it away. They will drop the price of the console, but i think Kinect is here to stay.

If Kinect bothers people so much, then just do what i did and sell it online. I got £50 for mine on Ebay. It may be included with every X1, but you don't have to keep it.

@Ultimate master

"The console was built around voice command.
If you remove that, you remove a huge chunk of the experience."

I understand that point of view, but before i decided to sell mine, i plugged it in and used it for the first time just to be 100% sure that i wanted to sell it. I found it completely unnecessary. I the time it took me to say certain voice commands, i could get to where i needed to go just as fast with my controller. I have everything i want (apps) pinned to the dashboard, a couple flicks of the stick and a button press and im there. So for me, removing Kinect really didn't change the experience at all, using it felt no different than how using Kinect for 360 felt. Gimmicky and unnecessary. I believe MS should let the customer decide if Kinect is a worthwhile addition.

porkChop1661d ago

Even the voice commands could be done with any regular headset. Works flawlessly on PS4.

Septic1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

I differ with you on this (as you know).

The Kinect integration is something that really impresses me to this day. I used it this morning whilst eating breakfast before going to work and didn't even have to touch my controller (although I had to use the tv remote to change the tv channel input).

I use it a lot to boot up games, snap party chat and record 30 second gameplay clips.


That defeats the point, having to wear a headset to use the commands. A lot of the time I don't wanna use it when I'm wearing one.

The facial recognition sign in is also wicked.

Also, it has to be said, it works really well when combining a lot of things like smartglass on your phone.

BUT saying that, as a gaming peripheral...I'm questioning its value. The X1 REALLY needs a game that can prove its worth (if it can even do it- which I still think it can).

GarrusVakarian1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )


Yeah, i know you do, as will many others. The thing is, i can completely see why people like it, i get the convenience for some people. But for me personally, it just wasn't worth keeping. I'm never in a situation at home where i need Kinect, im happy just using my controller for everything, i always will be.

And like you say, it's worth as a gaming peripheral is questionable. And me, being such a games focused gamer, i found it even more unnecessary.

I ultimately don't think MS should have "forced" Kinect onto people just because *they* deemed it worthy or necessary. That, imo, should have been left up to the customer to decide. But hey, like i said, you don't have to keep it. There will always be people online looking for one. I get to spend that £50 on games now, it's win-win for me :D

Baka-akaB1660d ago

The issues isnt really if some of us like it while some dont . The issue is that there is even a divide in opinions and use for it .

Does anyone question the presence of a pad in the console ? nope we just actually and not artificially need it .

People arent forcefully fed headsets (besides the free one of course) , arcade sticks , wheels etc ... only those that care just buy it , and yet the support for those is almost always there in our consoles .

Kinect just shouldnt be there by default . It should have been something the people currently in love with it get . It wouldnt even change their library of games , and the navigation .

Right now and for the foreseeable future , nothing of value in core gaming , is using it beyond gimmicks and gadgets

GarrusVakarian1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

@Baka akaB

"Kinect just shouldnt be there by default . It should have been something the people currently in love with it get"


What was the reason to include it as standard? Devs didn't use it last gen when it was optional, apart from shovelware and light gimmicks. Why are they going to use it this gen for more than that, just because it's included in every box?

In my opinion, by including it as standard, all MS are doing is potentially alienating two kinds of people; those who do not want to use Kinect, and those who do not want to pay $500 for an X1 because of Kinect. Making it optional would please everyone. The people who wouldn't want it.....simply wouldn't buy it and would end up spending less money (because the X1 would be cheaper as a result), and the people who would want it, would simply buy it (and most likely end up spending around $500 anyway).

Baka-akaB1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Actually , while i think it should never have been there . I still think it's too late to remove it .

While mostly gimmicks , it remove it's unique aspects , and leaves you with a weaker machine , unless interested by MS' own exclusive gaming franchises , past and future .

Rather than removing it , MS could at some point to suck it up , chalk up the loss given their behemoth size , remove the cost of kinect for customers , and propose the whole pack sensibly cheaper than a PS4 . Now there would be a good incentive

Septic1660d ago


I agree. MS need to swallow the price of the Kinect and reduce the price of the console so that you're essentially getting it for free. Hey, they sure as heck an afford to do so and that should (hopefully) stop the naysayers...because...well who would complain about getting something for free?

Blaze9291660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

"I ultimately don't think MS should have "forced" Kinect onto people just because *they* deemed it worthy or necessary. That, imo, should have been left up to the customer to decide. "

That sounds silly and screams entitlement. It's THEIR product. YOUR money. Either you like it or you don't. They shouldn't "leave it up to consumers". Consumers don't know what they want - they have to be told they want it and why.

I wish I would make something crafted from visions of a company and let consumers shape it up - see how long you'll still be in business.

It's bigger than a few upset consumers who can't afford the extra $100. For this device or any device with a vision of the future to work it has to be mandatory, has to be included, and has to be available. Anything optional will always be an option and technology that's optional, isn't really important. This will never impact.

"Why are they going to use it this gen for more than that, just because it's included in every box? "

That right there shows me you have a very closed-minded way of thinking. And that's ok, because most humans do.

GarrusVakarian1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )


I'm sorry, but i just had to laugh out loud at your entire comment.

"That sounds silly and screams entitlement"

Wanting a choice is being entitled? Sony give us the choice, so why can't MS? I'll risk being called entitled for options, rather than sitting by and letting multi-billion dollar corporations decide how i experience my console.

" They shouldn't "leave it up to consumers". Consumers don't know what they want - they have to be told they want it and why. " Seriously. MS should tell us what we want? Just like how they tried to force DRM and told those who didn't want it that they "didn't understand our vision". Please, give me a break. Consumers DO know what they want, the X1's and the PS4's sales numbers are evidence of that fact.

"That right there shows me you have a very closed-minded way of thinking. And that's ok, because most humans do."

Oh please, lose the elitist, 'better than you' attitude. My doubts stem from Kinect for 360 and how that was used and adopted along with how Kinect 2.0 is being used and adopted right now. Dev's showed no interest for the original Kinect apart from shovelware and light gimmicks for select games. I don't see that changing much this gen, i think core games will be played with a controller, with light Kinect integration as a bonus.

Is that a sufficient reply, oh enlightened one?

dumahim1660d ago

I never even took mine out of the box. The only thing I've found I've been missing is I can't use Upload Studio because it requires Kinect for some dumb reason.

Oh well, cancelled XBL so I can't use that feature now anyway.

Nekroo911660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Most people forgot that the ps eye was ment to come out with the ps4, just like the xbox and kinect.

But after MS showed up their console, Cerny decided to seperate both things in order to make to console cheaper.

Its a gimmick and not necessary for gaming but whatever, i hope they keep the kinect or they are going to lose credebility.

I would like to continue to see the most powerfull console for a cheaper price

maniacmayhem1660d ago


You sold your Kinect sensor? Why? What happens when a game down the line comes out that needs or is that much more entertaining or fun with the Kinect bar?

the amount of people complaining about MS "forcing" Kinect is absolutely hilarious.

What if I said I don't like the share button for the PS4 controller. Is Sony "forcing" that on me because they included it on the controller?

They are not "forcing" it, it is included with the device. Why something is included and all of a sudden is now viewed as "forced" is beyond sane logic.

If MS can drop the price and keep the Kinect I would view the Xbox One a better deal by far. Just because it is a complete package.

GarrusVakarian1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )


Why did i sell it? Because i knew i could get a decent amount for it to spend on games, which are all i care about when it comes to these consoles.

If it proves itself for more than voice controls and hand gestures in the future, if it actually gets integrated with games in a deeper and more "hardcore" way, then maybe i will pick one up again. But as of now, nothing it does impresses me or is necessary to me. I had no reason to keep it.

Actually, scratch that.... even if that happens (which i doubt it will, motion controls have their limitations when compared to a controller with so many buttons that are required for games that have so many different functions), i would still use a controller. I don't want to be up and about, playing games with my body. I want a comfy chair and a controller...the way i have been playing my whole life.

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SoulSercher6201660d ago

Could the Kinect do Twitch streaming right of the box on launch day? No. Alright then.

But the Sony Camera could.

randomass1711660d ago

To be fair, if we're going to talk about features at launch, PS4 didn't have HDMI game capture at launch and people had to wait until around now to get the update to remove the restriction.

ger23961660d ago

Good numbers considering It's optional. Consumers chose to buy it, not force too.

Blaze9291660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Kinect doesn't need to be removed. People need to figure out if they want it. If not, then don't buy an Xbox One. It's made how they intended it to be used, minus the DRM.

Complain complain about products someone else made. Since when was technology made to accomadate the masses? Or has it always been rather the masses getting with, or completely leaving behind, a device?

Don't want kinect, you don't want xbox one. Simple. Stop acting like the extra $100 is all a sudden a major breaking point. You can afford $400 but not $500? If not then you need to reevaluate your financial situation.

Me personally, I love kinect. And as the number of games and apps grow, i want to see how people using pins and their controllers works out for them 3-4 years from now. Gonna pin everything on your home page? Of course not.

Y'all thinking short term - is it time? For a product that only has what, 3 kinect games and been out 5 months? Silly. Why some of us are multi billion dollar investors and some of us work at GameStop - this ain't your expertise to question.

T21660d ago

hahahahaha .... "don't want it, don't get an xbox one" .... well, I suppose you could work at microsoft or maybe you do, because that's exactly the attitude that will get them down 2:1 in sales by the end of this year, if not more.
how about "if you don't have great internet we have another great product for you an xbox360" ... ah memories.

rainslacker1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

The thing is, MS doesn't have the luxury of making a console that suit them but not the customer. The Xbox is not windows in this regard. I can't really think of any consumer product where the customer should have no say in what they are spending their money on.

It goes without saying that if you don't want Kinect then don't buy an X1. But what about people that want a reasonably priced Xbox without the Kinect? Do you truly believe that MS doesn't want to sell to those people?

People are telling MS what they want. It's up to MS to decide if they want to sell to those people. It's not your place to decide what MS vision is, and whether those complainers are right or wrong. Some of those people really don't care about the stuff that Kinect brings to the system. The only times people complain about being offered a choice is when the choices suck. Making Kinect an optional purchase provides MS with more customers, and in turn more money and support.

n4rc1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

To me.. No product on earth caters to everyone..

I'm sure there are tons of people that would love their phone to be $50 cheaper if they don't include a camera.. Or a FM tuner, etc.. Or when buying a car you demand they exclude a spare tire and give you a discount

Its part of the package.. I think their biggest mistake was attaching it with a cord.. Makes everyone think you can just do away with it... If its entire functionality was built into one box then nobody would question anything.

And let's be fair here.. How do they know their customers want it gone or is it just more bs from people that will never buy one? Its pretty hard to tell from where I'm sitting

rainslacker1659d ago

I'm sure there are. And there are basic phones which are cheap for those people to buy. Most of those small things don't amount to much of the cost anyways. The car analogy doesn't really work, as almost all cars have several lines with different features that people could buy, as well as after-market accessories. So people do have choice. Also, it's federal regulation that new cars be sold with spare tires, but I digress.:)

With the X1, the Kinect isn't mandatory. It isn't needed to run the system. It's use in games aren't appealing to some people. So the option makes sense. If people can get the system for say $100 cheaper then why wouldn't they do it if they have no interest in Kinect? The only reason it's a part of the package is because MS wants people to have one.

They would know if their customers want it by doing focus research. While I agree that there are people who say they'd buy it without Kinect, and there's no way to say 100% that all of them would follow through, the fact remains that given the numbers of people saying such things, that many of them would. Then there are those who aren't so vocal.

A bit off topic, but to give some insight into my own feeling on the issue of Kinect, I personally have no interest in it for games. D4 is the only game which may appeal to me for the time being. However, from an engineering standpoint, I would probably get a system with one simply because I did programming for the original Kinect on PC applications and quite enjoyed it.

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MysticStrummer1660d ago

"High sales of Sony's Camera say "NO"

Might want to check your numbers...9m PS4, lol"

Choosing to buy something is always better than being forced to pay extra for something you don't want, and I'm pretty sure I've seen you claim MS's shipped numbers were actually sold to consumers.

1660d ago
randomass1711660d ago

Sony's camera is an optional device and doesn't need to be widely sold. Xbox One should have made the Kinect optional since the novelty of the original Kinect wore off only after a year or two on the market.

assdan1659d ago

Aside from this, it could be a double edged sword. It could start out as a "price cut" but over time, people would talk about how microsoft has "given up" on the kinnect.

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RaidensRising1661d ago

No. Just needs to be appropriately priced at 299.99.

UltimateMaster1661d ago

A bit of a steep drop from it's 499$ price tag.

donman11660d ago

Yes it is... but thats what the XboxOne really worth.

Charybdis1660d ago

Think kinect is more geared towards casual players/wii audience gaming wise. Dropping kinect just after early adoption mostly core gamers have bought the console doesn't make much sense. An xbox one with a kinect and 299 price point would definitely sell.

GordonKnight1660d ago

Even if they did drop it to 299.99. Gamers would still complain about something.

IMO the $499 is right the right for the X1, but PS4 is under priced. These companies shouldn't be losing money to provide gamers with new hardware.

I just wish the PS4 & X1 were given more R & D time. It's clear both consoles weren't completed on the software end of the console when released. IMO the Wii U made Sony & MS rush the new Next Gen consoles, which were released incomplete. The PS3 is the only 3D console.

randomass1711660d ago

Why $299.99? If they take out the Kinect and drop the price by $100 then that would be more than enough to be competitive. If they dropped the price so drastically, Microsoft would probably lose a lot more money on the system than even before.

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FrigidDARKNESS1661d ago

It will never be sold without Kinect Microsoft has said this thousands of times. The 3 OS are designed around the use of Kinect and Cortana voice assistant will be added this summer or Fall.

hellzsupernova1660d ago

Prepare for a shock at e3 if you are still believing what Microsoft has told you

xpressyoself1660d ago

There is no way they drop it. None. You people are nuts. This is their fastest selling console so far. Its having an incredible launch! Just not as good as PS4. You are just spewing utter garbage. Kinect is needed for the system, it makes the system even better.

Everyone says i can just use a controller. Sure you can. But now you dont have to. Why so scared to change? Its easier without the controller. You sound like caveman not willing to give up your stone age tools for nice shiney bronze age ones

T21660d ago

@xpress - it is only the fastest selling console due to the spike it got in december of early adopters, that tune will run pretty dry in the next few months if something isn't done. by the way it has now fallen behind 360 in month on month sales.... only still leading in overall sales... Jan to March release year 360 outsold xb1 by a good margin.

MasterCornholio1660d ago

You know what they say?

That Microsoft can flip unflippable switches.

If sales are bad enough they will get rid of Kinect. Just like preorders were bad enough for them to get rid of DRM.


n4rc1660d ago

Your still on that saying you don't understand? Damn troll...

"You can't just flip a switch" refers to it's difficulty, not that it can't be done..

But I've told you that before.. Lol.. Just ignoring you now

MasterCornholio1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )


Well they did say that they would never get rid of DRM and look what happened.

Anyways if Microsoft does drop Kinect the MSRP of the console will decrease which will satisfy many people looking for an Xbox One at a cheaper price. I dont see why you dont want those people to buy the console at a cheaper price.

"But I've told you that before."

I know but your an Xbox fanboy therefore what you say doesn't matter. I prefer to listen to rational Xbox fans like Septic instead of fanboys like Frigid darkness, Georgeenoob, Xboxfun, Funatic, Death, Truefan1, Nolimit, N4RC, sliceoftruth888, hankmoody, multiconsolegamer etc.

modesign1660d ago

micro can bundle voice recognition, tv control, cortana to a cheap microphone/headphone, without the kinect. so yes micro can sell the kinect seperately.

KinjoTakemura1661d ago

They should have offered a bundle that didn't have the Kinect at launch instead of trying to sell a peripheral with useless voice commands.

TimeSkipLuffy1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

no. In Germany you find it even cheaper than the PS4 at some local retailers. An that includes Kinect and a game like Titanfall or FIFA 14 for FREE!

LGM3131661d ago

Inferior system for less money, should be this way since the day one.

Dumb_username1660d ago

You're getting more stuff with the Xbox one.
- Xbox one
- Controller
- Kinect
- Free game(s)
- Headset
- 4k HDMI
- Free month gold

The PS4 gives you
- Playstation 4
- controller
- Ear peice

Even if the Xbox one is weaker you are still getting a better deal overroll with all of the extra stuff.

Baka-akaB1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

How convenient for you to drop the free psn + days , wich give access to free games , Free to play games available without PSN+ , and that the ps4 will also do 4K (let's not even pretend any will do 4k fine outside of movies)

Kosmacz1660d ago

Even in Poland, without official sales, you can find XBox one cheaper than PS4 (in som stores). So goes "sales region" argument.

FITgamer1660d ago

Well then it's pretty crazy that the PS4 is outselling so bad in Germany if it's cheaper with a game.

TimeSkipLuffy1660d ago

I don't know the exact numbers but I think both are selling pretty well in Germany with MS able to provide more X1. Also the sales just started. We can see a turnover in the next months.

I will get a X1 as my secondary console if it gets to 299€ :D