Worth a Play – ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

Karl Dodds of SpawnFirst wrote:

"Whilst The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will soon be upon us, there’s still time to catch up on Beenox’s previous entry in the series. The Amazing Spider-Man is Beenox’s third effort in making a Spider-Man game. While the first two attempts weren’t exactly terrible they were missing the open world element that makes playing a Spider-Man game so fun. In The Amazing Spider-Man they remedied that fact and included an extensive iteration of New York City to explore.

Most of the levels take place inside the Oscorp building, but you’ll also find yourself in the sewers of New York and on occasion fighting extravagant enemies on the streets of the city. Mission objectives are fairly varied so you won’t get bored having to do the same things over and over. There are 12 chapters to complete, and most of them take just under an hour to finish depending on how quickly you run through them. There’s plenty more to do once you’ve finished the main story if you like collecting… collectibles"

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WeAreLegion1635d ago

Someone has been streaming it from their PS4 this week. Seems a lot like the first game. I'm tempted to get it.

BattleN1635d ago

This game sucks donky balls I bought it on xbox live for $16 thinking it would be great. Never again lol

Farsendor11634d ago

played amazing spiderman on steam and i had a blast with it, a few bugs and glitches other than that i liked the combat and story.

jhunbogs1634d ago

one of my favorite game.. go spidey