H-Hour – “Innovation We Have, And It’s Not More Epic Kill Streaks,” Says SOF Creative Director

MP1st - With H-Hour: World’s Elite, SOF Studios aims clear of today’s modern military shooter, hoping to deliver a more traditional gameplay experience that brings back the intensity of classic shooters like SOCOM.

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Nitrowolf21727d ago

I hope this game delivers.Can't wait to see what it looks like when it's moved over to UE4

Nitrowolf21727d ago

yea they confirmed it last month that all work has been on UE3 but they plan on moving it to UE4 once they go into full production

alexkoepp1726d ago

Agreed, hope it turns out great. SOCOM is the only franchise on PlayStation worth a damn to me, and 4 was terrible at least campaign wise, and the PSN hack killed the game. Looking forward to playing this on PC, I hope the graphics are killer. With all these remakes, where is the remastered versions of SOCOM, Rainbow 6, and Ghost Recon? All those games are now shadows of their former selves, id love to see them either take these franchises back to their roots or just give me the old games with modern graphics.


Me need socom clone now!!!

ritsuka6661727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

''''Innovation We Have, And It’s Not More Epic Kill Streaks''''

‘Innovation’ sure is a word devs and publishers like to throw around these days, but in H-Hour’s case, it doesn’t mean more explosions.''

All my respect for David Sears and yea fuc* for COD.

ScareFactor1726d ago

How can a remake of Socom 1 be innovative? I love the game but i don't think it can be innovative

StockpileTom1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

The innovation lies in the community features and the Analytics Sergeant. It is supposed to have a ridiculous amount of clan management options and even mobile app support.

The analytics will also be used to automatically flag cheaters for further investigation and to send them to H-Hour hell.

The game settings will also be fully customizable -- much more so than older SOCOM games and most shooters.

Innovation doesn't always have to be gameplay and graphics... it can be UI and user experience as well...

SilentSolid1726d ago

spiritual successor* I wouldn't say it's a remake of the older games.

T2X1726d ago

Well, the innovation came with the set up of the clans and systems within the game itself. There still isn't anything like it anywhere. There is not any game I play now that has such a rich and vocal community. Granted it was one of the very few online games back then on the Ps2. But I seriously believe that if they just re-released and or combined the original Socom 1/2/3 maps, and streamlined the online UI etc. They would have a serious winner on their hands. If the demographic still exists and I believe it does.

HighResHero1726d ago

It will be innovative without adding modern gimmicks that would ruin the authenticity of the experience.

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xc7x1726d ago

wooo,cant wait to play this,game tactics to return back to shooters again.

WeAreLegion1726d ago

So excited for it! This will make for some awesome LAN parties!

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