Classic Platformer Another World Is Being Released For Modern Consoles

A USK rating indicates that the updated version of the game, which was released on smartphones and PC, will be heading to pretty much everything else now.

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theXtReMe11689d ago

Holy yes! This was on my short list for game I most wanted to see in the PS4 digital section. This game, in true HD at 60fps would be orgasmic. They dont even have to touch the graphics, it still looks incredible today. This game set the standard for game cinematics and animation, when it was released in 1991 on the Amiga and Atari ST. i can still remember my friend Chuck, showing it to me for the first time and my jaw hitting the floor.

This is an answer to one of my prayers. Now, if Interplay rereleases Freespace with modern visuals at 60fps in 1080p and Cinemaware rereleased It Came From The Desert, life would truly be complete. :) i just found out that Cinemaware is still in business and producing its games for iOs. Life is good.

1688d ago
mixelon1688d ago

It came from the desert was awesome but im not convinced it was actually a particularly good game? Probably depends on one's personal nostalgia and tastes at the time.

HD Defender Of The Crown would be pretty funny too.. Given the Shadow Of The Beast and Putty reappearances, it'll be like a highschool reunion of Amiga games.

MysticStrummer1688d ago

Nice! Not long ago I was thinking that this game needed an update.

DoctorJones1688d ago

It did get updated last year, seems a no brainer to bring it to consoles though.

MysticStrummer1688d ago

Ahhh cool. I'm not a PC gamer so I don't pay much attention to those games, unless it's something like Star Citizen that really catches my eye.

isarai1688d ago

FUCK YEAH!! one of my all time faves now i'll get to experience it with this glorious Dualshock 4

mixelon1688d ago

Ive played through it with kb and some of the clunkiest old school joysticks imaginable.. Im not sure DS4 will make much difference, lol.

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