Daylight’s HUD Should Not Exist

Matt Buckley: "Zombie Studios’ ability to solve the minimap problem is what makes it so surprising that they couldn’t come up with any other way to portray the amount of glowsticks and flares on hand, or how many articles and notes remain in the area."

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RevXM1637d ago

No HUD or hidden HUD worked like a charm in a lot of other games, Dead space and also in the Killzone series(it is there but you can turn it all of).

I know KZ isnt a horror game, but KZ2 is the most immersive experience I had last gen. everything was great. visuals and designs, physics, AI, sound, NO HUD and IMO the weighty controls.

Havent played Daylight yet, but it looks really cool.
Dont think the HUD looks very intrusive but if you could turn it off it would be maybe a tad bit more immersive.

Ultr1637d ago

Yeah I remember every corner of the KZ2 campaign, everything is so memorable, its crazy. They really did one hell of a job with that game.

AgentSmithPS41637d ago

I hope there's an option to turn it off. IDK why they don't just put all that on the smart phone, people make notes on them and the 'threat' could be there too as interference on different sides of the screen.

Even pushing a button and having her say "two flares, one glowstick" is fine. IRL if I was in a place like that I'd be looking around me all the time and listening hard, the 'threat' icon seems pointless unless someone has a disability.

danncampello1635d ago

I think on this type of game, immersion is very helpful so I agree, no HUD or at least an option for no HUD is necessary