The Guilty Pleasures of Infamous: Second Son

Searching for the subtleties in a superhero game is like straining your ears to find the bright ting of a triangle buried somewhere in a bombastic marching band. It adds a pleasant touch of finesse, even if you're just there to feel the drums pushing you back.

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waltyftm1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

This game looks Amazing.

Boom ^


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fenome1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

It really does look amazing, especially with the new photo mode, you can really appreciate all the subtle effects that happen so fast when you're playing it. It's cool to be able to pan and zoom the camera and swoop around all the particle effects and stuff, it's really beautiful.

Here are a couple of my screenshots, it's hard to believe that's this is what it actually looks like while you're playing it.






I forgot to turn off the Photo Mode display in a couple of them, but I was still getting used to it. I really like that last one, because I never even noticed that the activists had a picture of Fetch on their signs until I took this picture. Added bonus that I blasted them with Neon! lmao

GamerDad19871733d ago

The game was incredible! I platinum'd it after 4 days. Best game on PS4 thus far.

Skate-AK1733d ago

Can't wait until I get a chance to play the game.

waltyftm1733d ago

Agreed, cant wait to see what people create with the new shareFactory app.

finito821733d ago

gotta love guilty pleasures lol

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