D-Link DGL-5500 Gaming Router Review

GoodGameBro writes, "D-Link has carried a gamer centric router line for many years under the Gamerlounge banner. These routers have used various QOS technologies to provided lag free gaming for gamers. The latest in the line is the DGL-5500, which sports dual band wifi up to the 802.11ac standard, D-Links StreamBoost (QOS), an overhauled user interface, and the normal suite of router features we have become accustomed to over the years."

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cyguration1689d ago

User reviews for this haven't been so good.

2pacalypsenow1689d ago

would the wrt1900ac be better than this?

qu1ckset1689d ago

Loving my Asus AC68U , but that linksys looks dope! Retro

kingPoS1689d ago

I'm glad my WD MyNet router does this already.

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