Will Watch Dogs 2 happen?

Watch Dogs isn't even out yet, but the idea of a Watch Dogs 2 game has already been brought up. Ubisoft's Watch Dogs is set for release in a month, and based on hype and interest levels, it's likely the game will be successful. Ubisoft doesn't currently have a Watch Dogs 2 game under works however,at least not officially.

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Nitrowolf22099d ago

Why is this even a question, of course it will.

Whetehr the game flops in sales or not, Ubisoft is gonna try to turn this into a yearly Assassin Creed.

Wizziokid2099d ago

Well we don't know how well the first game will do so who knows at this point, but my guess is it will do fine so Yes.

Alan_Shore2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

Should we care if there will be a number 2? First one might not be as good as we hope aha

If the it does good sales and reviews then yes expect a sequel

steve30x2097d ago

The first one isnt even out yet. Give it six months before thinking about a follow up.

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