Bionicle Heroes Preview

In 1947, who knew that a toy called Self-Locking Building Bricks would eventually spawn a billion dollar franchise, including a remarkably successful video game series. Some may argue that the series' success stemmed more from its Star Wars roots than its inclusion of LEGO pieces, but there's no denying that the block-built heroes are made all the more fun by the fact that you're watching a bunch of building blocks run around the screen.

This time around Traveler's Tales – the same blokes behind the LEGO Star Wars games – has decided to cook up their own, original storyline and characters. First, it should be known that this game is not directed at the older demographic. Rather, the aim of Bionicle Heroes (the name sorta gives it away, right?) is delivering a fun, colorful, third-person action/adventure game that is both accessible and dynamic. Luckily, gamers won't be waiting long to find out if they've succeeded, as the game will hit the streets within the next few days.

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