Can The Elder Scrolls Online be played like a single-player RPG?

Post Arcade - Long considered a bastion of single-player role-playing games, Bethesda Softworks’ legendary series of open-world RPGs has cultivated a following of millions of fans who love few things more than sequestering themselves in a room for hours on end and diving into a world made just for them.

As one of these people, I was dismayed when Bethesda announced plans to go the massively multiplayer route with its latest effort, The Elder Scrolls Online. It saddened me that the Elder Scrolls universe was about to grow in ways that would leave me – and I assumed lots of other long-time Elder Scrolls fans – disinterested and disinclined to play.

But then I had a thought: What would happen if I simply refused the game’s MMORPG premise? What if I approached it in much the same way I would any other Elder Scrolls game, ignoring to as great an extent as possible all of the other human-controlled champions gallivanting about? And so I began playing with this peculiar aim: To purposely become a multiplayer misfit. A dedicated introvert in a game intended for interaction. An outcast playing on the fringes of an online community.

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ZodTheRipper2094d ago

Yes it can but you should just play Skyrim with mods instead ...cheaper and actually more immersive and fun.

pandehz2094d ago

Yup with all the dlc's it should be a more wholesome single player rpg experience.

morganfell2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Not to mention there is Falskaar, an entire SP campaign free for Skyrim.

joab7772094d ago

Give ESO a try. You might find that u like some of the mmo aspects. I did. Yeah. Fetch quests can be boring but once u group up with friends, its pretty awesome.

Volkama2094d ago

And without the ridiculous distraction of 'phasing in' to your quest objective event as it nears conclusion for other people.

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GamerzElite2094d ago

No, You can't. Most of time I play solo, but in some quest or boss fight its impossible to defeat alone. For example Goblin War Chief fight, Area fight and many.

Summons752094d ago

Yes which is why I love it. When my friends aren't on my not forced to join up with people who have a chance of being an idiot. All mmos need to adopt this style of play with friends and encourage it but playing alone is doable with skill.

skyrimdragonslayer2094d ago

yeah i like playing by myself not forced to do quest that other people want to do

iNFAMOUZ12094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Just give us skyrim 2 next gen with a wayyyy bigger map, and an option for 4 player online coop

If they do that, boooom instant millions

P.s what's with the vocabulary, chill out, talk normal, this ain't no spelling bee jones

MysticStrummer2094d ago

It won't be Skyrim 2, it will be another province.

I agree about co-op but Elder Scrolls purists hate that idea. The only valid reason for that in my view is that Bethesda is most likely incapable of it on a technical level.

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