Titanfall For Mac Coming Very Soon

Titanfall is looking to conquer more grounds as the game is spotted to be at the doorsteps of Mac’s territory. The game developer, Respawn Entertainment, is currently in talks with Aspyr Media to bring Titanfall to the Mac machines.

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Allsystemgamer2099d ago

So much for Microsoft exclusive.

Deadpool1012099d ago

*Microsoft Conference*

"Presenting the next generation of FPS...Titanfall!
Only on XboxOne
...(ahem)..oh and 360...(hmmm)...sorry, and pc...(hello) bad also available for Apple Mac.....and mobile and 3DS and genesis and gamecube and dreamcast and PC Engine and 32X and Gameboy Advance....Look its available on everything but Sony stuff okay!"

generalthadeape2098d ago

Funny comment Deadpool101-- even us lonely Xbox One owners need to smile from time to time.

Now that TitanFall has been out for a while, I'm wonder what the folks over at Microsoft have up their sleeves next.

It's an interesting time to to a gamer nowadays but I'm feeling a little left out graphics wise against the PS4 and am more than a little disappointed seeing all these new games going to the Xbox 360 and the PS3 instead of these new next-gen systems.

Surely, I can't believe I'm the only one out here that feels this way.

Again, thanks for the laugh. It made my day--hahaha!

Deadpool1012098d ago

Glad you liked my comment.

I totally understand where you're coming from.

At the moment I've yet to choose a next gen console. The lack of many truely next gen games on either system doesn't make the choice any easier but it is also the reason for my delay in "upgrading".

To be honest im leaning slightly towards the X1 at the moment. Not because I think its the better machine necessarily but because as a long term 360 owner, it's where the franchise I've been enjoying will continue to be released. However more of my friends have gone with PS4.

Ultimately I will make my decision after E3 and we get to see whats around the corner.

If I am going to get a next gen system I want games that look next gen. Not marginally upgraded 'present' gen titles (Assassins Creed 4 and Tomb Raider) & not indie titles that look like they could easily be running on old machines (Below & Outlast). I know how the game plays is way more important than graphics but I can get great playing games on my current system, I need gorgeous looking, great playing games and at the moment neither system has many of those.