Pixel Noir developer SWDTech announces new cross save feature

16-bit detective thriller Pixel Noir will feature an integrated cross platform save system, allowing owners to "play it on whatever they want with no shortcomings."

"Cross Save is the reason that when you pledge to our Kickstarter, you will receive the game on TWO platforms—a console/PC platform as well a mobile platform," writes developer Kunal Majmudar on the game's Kickstarter page. "And if you have a mobile lifestyle (which apparently 90+% of you do), this is great news for you."

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thorstein2093d ago

That looks fantastic! And it reminds me of the 16Bit Shadowrun Games. Almost as if you used the Shadowrun engine and created Top Secret (the RPG table top from the 1980s).

That is a combination that works for me. I am backing this!

2093d ago
Skate-AK2093d ago

The art style is simple but awesome. Will have to get this sometime.