2014 Is The Year of The Vita, You Just Didn’t Know It

2014 is the year of the Vita and GamerXChange is here to tell us why.

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miyamoto2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

I hope the PS Vita Minecraft is cross buy! or bundled @$199.00
*fingers crossed

tubers2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

From article/blog-piece:

"P.S. – Sony. You really need to make a deal with Mojang to get a Minecraft Vita bundle out this year. If nothing else in this article makes the Vita a success, Minecraft will. Make it happen. Love – Gamers worldwide."


I think it would be quite a wasted opportunity if Sony doesn't make an LE PSV 2K MC Bundle w/ great value.

Maybe something like this:

PSV 2K LE MC (art/logo on the back panel plate)
8 GB Card
PSV MC Code/Game Cart with PS3 Code (Cross Buy)
50% off PC version.
3 mos. PS+

I think it's probably one of the best way to inject more users into the current install base specially for the US market. Fantastic if it will have Cross Play (certain worlds)/Interactivity with the PS3, PS4 or both.

Hope Sony even considers pouring budget into MC VITA development to assure that it isn't an uncanny version between mobile's Pocket Ed. and the PS3/PS4 versions.

They should also market it well by implying it isn't just the Pocket Ed, maybe heavily targeted to young younger audience.

Anecdotal but my younger cousin in laws were more interested in the prospect of an MC VITA than when I let them try out a game like Soul Sacrifice and Killzone Mercenary.

Protagonist2103d ago

I hope Sony Playstation has a good E3, showing what the Vita is about... especially because I believe this is the last dedicated handheld gaming gadget we will see from them.

Hicken2103d ago

But isn't the Vita doomed? And hasn't it been abandoned to gamelessness?

How could it possibly have any year, let alone this year? /s

Bundi2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

It is, it has, it doesn't, let alone this year! /serious talk.

And if you want to argue otherwise, you go ahead and list five games coming out in May in the West that aren't either a port, a port of a port (HD collection) or an indie game that is already available on one or more platforms.
In fact, I'd be very happy if you could name just 3.

SoundGamer2102d ago

Do that for all systems and we can talk.

Hicken2102d ago

As Sound says, how about showing how that's any different from any other console?

For the record, a multiplat on a console is the exact same thing as a port. So eliminate those from all other platforms. Eliminate all the indies coming to Wii U and 3DS.

You'll be left with a handful of games across three consoles and two handhelds. And, frankly, you could likely eliminate most notable releases from PC, as they'll likely be coming to some other platform in the future.

So, really, what are you doing? Trolling? Given your comments in other Vita articles, that seems likely.

Or do you have some solid reasoning for why you'd try to limit the games that count for the Vita, while ignoring that the same situation is true for every other console during the specific period of time you've settled on.

Bundi2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

Lol at multiplats being ports, that is not what i meant and you know it. I meant an old and previously released game that is being re-released down to Vita.
Also, mega LOL about eliminating PC games due to future ports on other platforms. That is insane and exactly the opposite of the Vita's problem. I wish the Vita did in fact have this problem instead of being a port me down later machine.
Borderlands 2 on Vita for example is a port of the 360/ps3 version. But Spideman on Ps3 is not a port of the 360 version
Challenge accepted.
Ps3: Watch Dogs. Mulegen Souls. Wolfenstein.
Xbox 360: Watch Dogs. Wolfenstein. The Amazing Spider-man 2.
PS4: Watch Dogs. Wolfenstein. Transistor.
Xbox One: Child of Light. Wolfenstein. Watch Dogs
Wii U: Spider-man 2. Mario Kart. Child of Light.
3DS: Mario Golf World Tour. Kirby Triple Delux. The Denpa Men 3: The Rise of Digitoll

No re-releases. No year old games previously released on other platforms or even regions. No Indy games, old or otherwise.
Challenge met.