Lords Of The Fallen Gameplay Preview Interview

at the Bandai Namco Games Global Gamers Day in Las Vegas, City Interactive Senior Producer Tomasz Gop previews the new RPG Lords of the Fallen in this exclusive interview.

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gamerlive2268d ago

Even the developer says this game is going to be hard.

ThePowerpuffGirl2267d ago

Rather, for sure, but it's forever complaining, it still does not convince.;) And will not be easy, if only because almost every opponent you will have to approach differently, and not for a madman waving sabers.

Aon2265d ago

I agree with you totally. This game can surprise us and be one of the best RPG games in this year. Sounds great so I can't wait for this game. Three class is already a standard in game like this.

Speedyy2264d ago

The games are hard for someone and easy to others. We can see in gameplay that we have to try couple of times to defeat enemy. If I like game I always play on hardest difficulty it gives me more fun.