Gaming History 101: 80s British Microcomputers

This American-based podcast treads where it never should: into the world of British Microcomputers. Don’t worry, GH101 has two gents from the UK, Jam and Mark from Retro Game Geeks, to assist. They discuss the infamous BBC Micro, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, and hint at the MSX and Amiga 500 (stay tuned for additional mini-eps on the last two). If you grew up in the US and wonder why Europe makes such a big deal over these microcomputers, this is a must listen.

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cfc782008d ago

Where it all started for me with the c16/64 and zx spectrum glad we've moved on from them slow loading cassettes feels like a life time ago.

barb_wire2007d ago

The Speccy was awesome.. some absolute classic games on it.

Don't forget, the Speccy was where Rare first released games, when they were called Ultimate - Play the Game.

lfc_4eva2007d ago

My first computer was a commodore 64 plus 4.
My mother didn't have a clue what she was buying and thought she was getting me an actual commodore 64. OH NO!! Mother what did you do? hehehehe. Safe to say it was utter balls.

Then got a speccy 128+2. Sweet machine and I totally loved it.

Ah we'll never see the like of those days again.

Skate-AK2007d ago

So funny those were considered microcomputers back in the day.

cm_2007d ago

first gaming platform my family owned. was a cpc464 lad, complete with green screen monitor!

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