Opposable Games Adds Oculus Rift Support to Salvaged

VRFocus - Indie developer Opposable Games has announced that it will be integrating support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset to its upcoming PC title, Salvaged. The developer confirmed as much in an update for its ongoing Kickstarter campaign. Originally a dual-screen exclusive experience using a smartphone or tablet and PC, the real-time tactical title has added a new mode allowing for single-screen play that also makes VR support a possibility.

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ATi_Elite2102d ago

at this point adding Oculus Rift support is like adding MOUSE support.

if it's a PC game it should AUTOMATICALLY come with Rift support.

Tetris with Rift support would look great.

2102d ago
dcj05242102d ago

I don't think super meat boy would work on Oculus lol.