H1Z1 vs. DayZ - Which Will Survive

Marc Colhoun of RealSG writes, "So then the question becomes: "Can H1Z1 be a DayZ killer?" Well I don't think that it wants to be, not overtly at least. I do however believe it will. The development of the DayZ standalone is not exactly rocketing along (that just happened) and the mod for Arma II is still the more superior experience. SOE have the expertise and assets to get this done and to get it done right."

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AvidGamerrrr2107d ago

At this point I think any zombie survival game could beat DayZ. Garbage game is garbage.

ScareFactor2107d ago

I agree. I don't get why its so popular, you don't do anything. All you do is wander around to survive with no real zombie threat and only threat is not finding food/water or human players that want to annoying. I have played it for maybe 5 hours and didn't find any fun in wandering around in a huge world with nothing to do

DanielGearSolid2107d ago

If they can just figure out some stuff for us to do, rather than JUST survive, maybe world events etc... It'll be better than DayZ

majiebeast2107d ago

i played the arma 2 mod i thought it was terrible and rly didnt get all the hype for it. If SOE can do a better job H1Z1 they can take a huge chunk of Dayz's fanbase.

Hellsvacancy2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

H1Z1 is no doubt a DayZ clone, kinda blatantly obvious, but H1Z1 in my opinion looks even better (I want to see real gameplay)

I'm not attacking Dayz, I watch it on Twitch most days, when I first saw DayZ I thought it was one of the most amazing things i've seen (gaming wise) in along while, a real survival game, I couldn't help but think of the possibilities

Yeah I had gripes with the way it looks (like sh!t) and how the zombies are not really zombies, more like retarded Lucozade addicts, the gameplay still looks really fun, me and my PS3 buddies would have a blast playing something like this on the PS3

That's why i've always hoped DayZ would eventually come to consoles, now I don't have to wait, I really hope H1Z1 exceeds DayZ in terms of content and graphics (shouldn't be that hard)

I don't want just zombies, I want Bears and snakes etc, more threats more fun

THC CELL2107d ago

this is why i was never worried about day z coming as a xbox exclusive, its quiet terrible day z h1z1 will have more players and better elements, also i am not confirming xbox exclusive im just backing up just in case,

tee_bag2422107d ago

All someone needs to do is take the Day Z Idea.. Which is brilliant in my opinion... and then do it properly. The problem with mod Day Z and even the new Day Z is it's build on the ridiculous Arma engine which makes the game one the most unfluid, clunky, and broken experiences to date.

kingduqc2107d ago

dayz has already 1.9 million people who bought it, it's 2 years away from actual release and there is a big dedicated fanbase so I would not worry about it. I would not worry too much about it's survival. Dayz is rough on the edges and lack content but this is mostly due to the early stages of development and it's getting better week by week with clocktime patches that bring a lot to the game.

Dayz is also unique, it has a certen soul and give the player the most unique experience (I find it thrilling, 287 hours in the alpha right now) but it is not for everyone.

H1Z1 looks real bad from the hour of gameplay I've seen dayz has not much to worry about beside the console people who crave a real survival game. It look soulless and most of the mechanics I've seen are just deep less at the moment. There is no way ballistics will be as real as dayz or the surviving aspect of it.

I see a lot of complaining about the zombies on dayz here and this is just a great example to show you that most of you just don't get it yet.