Digital Foundry :Face-Off: Lego The Hobbit

Despite the change in art style, the basic rendering set-up remains unchanged from Lego The Movie. The PS4 game offers up a 1920x1280 image vertically super-sampled down to 1080p, providing extra anti-aliasing in the process, while Xbox One operates natively in 1080p and PC can do that and more. All three utilise similar forms of post-process anti-aliasing, although coverage seems to be a tad spottier on the PC in certain areas. Check out our Lego The Hobbit triple-format comparison gallery for examples of this and the face-off comparison videos below.

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Walker2100d ago

The 1080p PS4 streak is broken! In a very brilliant way, I mean Damn, higher than 1080p !
Return of the King :)

Neonridr2100d ago

still only 30fps though.. :(

2100d ago
Neonridr2100d ago

I still think we should avoid using that excuse nowadays. Every game would benefit from 60fps. The game will run smoother. Sure it's not a twitch shooter, but everything will look that much nicer. Do Mario games need to be 60fps? No, but go look at them anyways, they play great.

barb_wire2100d ago

DF did a comparison on 'LEGO The Hobbit'?


It's a joke, right?

No, really really!?!

<backs out of thread, mouth agape, shaking head>

MasterCornholio2100d ago

Why not if the game is multiplatform?

barb_wire2100d ago

Ah, if that was the case then how come they didn't compare the PS3 or 360 both of which also run at 1080p?

Have you seen a LEGO game?, not exactly the most graphically intense games you'll ever play. Seems DF is now just finding games to compare. Maybe because they seem to only care about PC/PS4/XB1 - they're are still PS3/360/WiiU out there.