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From : "The Xbox 360 finally has some competition: The PlayStation 3 hits stores (in extremely limited quantities) on November 17, followed two days later by the Nintendo Wii. We've tested them all, and the good news is they all have a lot to offer: wireless controllers, online gameplay, and varying degrees of media functionality. If you can choose only one, it'll be a tough choice indeed, but there are some basic rules of thumb. The Xbox 360 has already been on the market for a year--it has the most impressive list of games (with an emphasis on mature titles such as Gears of War and Saints Row), the well-developed Xbox Live online gaming service (which requires a yearly fee), and the new pay-per-view downloadable movies and TV shows--plus the HD-DVD add-on--make it a great companion for any HDTV owner. The PS3, while pricier, is even more impressive: built-in Blu-ray drive, Wi-Fi networking, HDMI output, and free online head-to-head gaming make it a must-have for those consumers who need to be on the bleeding edge. And last--but certainly not least--is the Nintendo Wii. It offers the most unique gameplay--courtesy of its motion-sensitive controller--and it's the most affordable of the lot. It's also the most family-friendly machine, though grown-ups will find plenty of diverting fare: the Wii will have its share of M-rated titles, not to mention a growing library of retro games from past consoles, including classic favorites from Nintendo and Sega. The bottom line: there's something for everyone on each of these consoles, so you're better off seeing which of the exclusive games most appeal to you, and picking up the corresponding machine. And remember: there's nothing wrong with getting two--or even all three."

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TheMART4446d ago (Edited 4446d ago )

This is a very subjective statement:

"The PS3, while pricier, is even more impressive: built-in Blu-ray drive, Wi-Fi networking, HDMI output, and free online head-to-head gaming "

Depends if the BR becomes standard or not.
WiFi networking always less reliable and fast then wired networks. And still the 360 can have the WiFi add-on. Even ones that are other brands with Ethernet connection like mine. Works on Apple Mac and the 360 multifunctional. I can even split the signal with a switch after the WiFi Linksys if I have small gaming lan parties overhere to a couple of 360's and old XBOX 1 consoles

HDMI output: 360 will have it with the upcoming cable

Free online gaming? Well if the experience sucks, free isn't nice is it?

Now this is a good read:

Watapata4446d ago

Its an understandable comment, granted you obviously disagree, but Blu-Ray is a nice inclusion for anyone that is going to use it. The built in Wi-Fi is something that some people would use, the HDMI cable on 360 is not guaranteed yet, and the online gaming from reviews doesn't seem to be half bad. Wi-Fi is only unreliable at the edges of the network, and in addition is plenty fast enough considering that your standard wireless-G router transfers data FASTER than your broadband internet connection and if you have one of the newer MIMO routers its even faster yet. That places the bottleneck squarely on your broadband connection and NOT on the wireless network. In addition, there is no indication that basically any of what you stated you can do won't also work with the PS3. In fact Sony stated explicitly that you could upgrade the 20 GB to make use of Wi-Fi through any USB adapter, not to mention the fact that many routers can also act as access points in the network. HDMI is rumored, but Microsoft has not officially stated that it will ever be released, and until then its existence is pure speculation. Reviews of Resistance and COD3 for PS3 seem to put the online gameplay in a good light, so at least at the moment, it doesn't appear to "suck" as you so eloquently put it. By the way, linking to an article that has already been discussed thoroughly in another thread is pointless. Its needlessly looking to start ANOTHER argument over that same article. I posted this as CNET is typically fairly objective and they had nice things to say about every console. There's no reason for you to take shots at anything because of it.

MicroGamer4446d ago

If BR goes the way of the Betamax, will it really be such a good thing that PS3 has it built in and with no way to play HD-DVD?? Sony tried using the same strategy against VHS where the primary supplier of Betamax equipment was Sony themselves, with few partners really contributing to the technology. Everyone else backed VHS and Betamax faded away. Could we be looking at a repeat of history??

Arkham4446d ago

Please stop posting ENTIRE articles. Post some highlights, but this practice of posting most if not all of the content from another site is unprofessional. Not to mention that the originating sites generally don't allow it.

Put a little effort into it, at least.

Watapata4446d ago

Sorry about that, I know I've done that to some degree or another on the few articles I've posted. I tend to have very little time to post because I find articles right before I have class or need to head off to the lab for my processor design course.

Arkham4446d ago (Edited 4446d ago )

Thanks for your effort, though. I do enjoy your contributions, but more interest might be stimulated if you select some good teasers and give us good cause to visit the original site. :) The extra traffic would make those webmasters happier too.

On a publically-supported news site there's an increased onus on the site's editors to clean some of these things up. Hopefully they'll have some more manpower in the future. (I suspect they're just flooded!)


Thugbot1874446d ago

The dates for review on the Xbox 360 are when it launched back in Nov 05. Which it look like the review was written off of that. At least have the same reviewer and no editor doesn’t count and review them at the same time. The worse part of this whole article is the public had at total reverse rating then the person who wrote the article. This is just sloppy journalism.

Thugbot1874446d ago (Edited 4446d ago )

Double post

gamer20084446d ago

just like with psps umd it didnt come standard for videos but for games it did. so this will be the same thing with the ps3s br.