New Mass Effect Trailer on MTV

Bioware's stunning Action RPG Mass Effect for Xbox 360 will have a new trailer released tommorow and will debut on The G-Hole, MTV's first show specifically about video games,at 8PM EST as part of MTV's Gamer's Week 2.0.

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Grown Folks Talk4445d ago

bioware hasn't let me down yet. my game of the year contender. i think this will be the title that starts to push the boundaries.

Schmitty074445d ago

From Music videos to reality TV shows now has video game stuff. Can't really be called MTV anymore. But anyways, maybe this "G-Hole" will be our new show to watch after the downfall of G4

PS360WII4445d ago

but I think this game may be a bit too much for my liking. A whole universe? Heh well if I'm a big fan of rpg's I still need this game to try out ^^

TheBeginningOfTheEnd4445d ago

and theyll fit EVERYTHING in a 9 gig. disc! and is it me or is this game starting to look better than GOW :gasp:

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