Reply to All: How Much Borderlands?

The staff of Horrible Night talks through Borderlands fatigue from the DLC, announced games, and the potential future of the series.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles2100d ago

Yeah, I had enough after the first one and all the DLC, which was almost another complete game in itself.

MysticStrummer2100d ago

It's funny because I thought BL2 was better in most ways but I had no urge to buy the DLC, while I bought all the first game's DLC.

It's funny, I tell ya.

Mutant-Spud2100d ago

Yeah I loved the first game it was groundbreaking at the time and I must have played through it half a dozen times but the second didn't grab me at all, the loot system just seems broken to me compared to the first.
Plus the first game was a far more screwball type of story and you were mainly fighting outlandish monsters and insane bandits not boring robots.

Jonny5isalive2100d ago

I had the first and second one and none of the DLC. I would probably buy this new moon one if it was on ps4. I sold my ps3 and 360 and am getting a ps4 soon. DOnt feel like paying 60 for a last gen version when there should be, probably will be, a ps4/one version. Id get it on PC but my laptop only runs diablo 3 ok.

Christopher2100d ago

Then don't buy it.

At least it's not an annual CoD or the like.

ironfist922100d ago

Is this article seriously complaining about the immense content support given to us by Gearbox?


nope1112100d ago

I retired Borderlands 2 after the amazing Tina DLC and reaching lvl 61 with 3 classes.
Now with the Pre-Sequel announcement my urge to play the series has been renewed!
The new classes, cryo element, lazers, and zero-g environment will definitely add a different experience to a long time Borderlands player such as myself.

I'm excited.

ironfist922100d ago

I have a feeling Pre-Sequel is the appetiser for Borderlands 3

nope1112100d ago

Yep. A filler game like Arkham Origins, which i enjoyed very much.

MasterD9192100d ago

I love Arkham Origins. I'll probably enjoy BL 1.5 too.

But yes, these games are series fillers. It's cheaper for a developer to put out games like these, and it appeases fans who are dying to see another game.

However, to most, this looks like a cheap way of saying "hey Borderlands 3 isn't ready yet, so here is this game we've been secretly working on instead!"