Starting May 31, Borderlands for the PS3 Going Offline

With GameSpy closing shop, a lot of games will be losing their online services. Borderlands on the PlayStation 3 is one of the games going offline next month, as well as other 2K titles.

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TXIDarkAvenger2105d ago

At least PC version is moving to Steamworks.

2105d ago
Back-to-Back2104d ago

Glad I finished getting the platinum a couple of weeks ago.

jagstatboy2102d ago

does this mean I can't get anymore trophies for Borderlands 1? I haven't played all the DLC yet.

achmetha2105d ago

rip in peace.

had a lot of fun with borderlands on ps3 back in the day.

SilentNegotiator2105d ago

Ahh, it's a meme. Good to know.

TheSaint2105d ago

Just because it's a meme doesn't mean it's not re*****d.

cee7732105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

Looks like MK9 will be affected as well :(
OT: what about xbox 360 version is it using gamespy servers?

DVAcme2105d ago

Borderlands 2 is still going strong and had new DLC released recently, so I don't see it going offline anytime soon. Not to mention the Vita version is out soon too. Borderlands 1 had a good run, it kept strong online for the last 5 years. That's an eternity in gaming years, very impressive.

ado9082105d ago

Here we go again. Pretty much every ps3 game will be going offline soon. This is what I knew was going to happen when a next gen starts. The old gen starts cutting off online content even tho some people still use it.

DVAcme2105d ago

Dude, Borderlands was online for 5 years, that's an insane amount of time. Plus, they have to free resources for other upcoming online games, you have to make the cuts somewhere. Could be worse, could be like what happened when the 360 came out, that the original XBox pretty much became dead in the water immediately.

ado9082105d ago

To be honest bro me and my gf still play this online along with the second one, I'm just a tad bit upset because this happened with resistance and I just recently got resistance 3 last year.

cyguration2105d ago

Yeah that all-digital-future doesn't look to great when you start to see your favorite games get taken offline.

Prime1572105d ago

Server browser + user servers.. I don't know why we got rid of them... I played ut99 for a decade off and on.

SonyStyled2105d ago

Gamespy runs the server. Gamespy is closing its doors thus nobody to run and monitor unless there is somebody that wants to fund the server. and considering its a 5 year old game, its not worth funding to most/all

TitanUp2105d ago

borderlands is a gamespy game, gamespy has shut down or is shutting down. this has nothing to do with current gen vs last gen resources.

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