Can a BioShock Movie Really Work?

Now that the long-stagnant BioShock film adaptation is apparently seeing life again, Steven asks: can this film adaptation be the first good movie based on a video game?

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Neonridr2108d ago

with the right writers and director absolutely. As long as we keep it as far away from a guy named Uwe Boll as possible.

seatunt2108d ago

Given the biggest hang ups on this movie production is cost, I highly doubt it. Unless they get permission to dumb it down, make it PG-13, or completely change the setting out of the water (biggest contributing factor to cost). Then again, they could do a BioShock Infinite setting, less horror and theological to bring it to the masses.

DigitalRaptor2108d ago

Yes it can work, but not in the way people would expect.

I think an Andrew Ryan biopic leading up to the downfall of Rapture would be insanely good if done right. Not sure how they'd do one set after the downfall, unless they turn it into a straight up horror film.