Virtuix Shows Modified Omni to Allow Crouching

VRFocus - Virtuix has confirmed that it has developed a modified version of its Omni platform that allows players to crouch while using the omni directional motion control device. The company confirmed as much to VRFocus, revealing that the modified kit had been developed as a university project and that it could perhaps become available to consumers in the future.

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randomass1712099d ago

Awesome! But what about strafing? Gimme dat strafing, guys!

DaleCooper2099d ago

When I was a kid, there were these arcades that had these insane VR games with setups that looked similar to this (I only saw them in San Francisco though.)

It's so funny how what was once old is now new again, albeit with WAAAAAYYY better technology. And maybe this will usher in a new era for arcades, since I don't see most people getting these things for personal use. Spending a couple bucks to play a few rounds of VR Counter-strike, or other games, could be cool in an arcade setting.

CarnageXB2099d ago

I saw something like this on the movie "First Kid" with Sinbad. It was in a mall. I've always wanted to try it. Now, maybe I can in the near future.