Mario Golf: World Tour DLC Officially Announced

Mario Golf: World Tour DLC is now officially confirmed, as just announced by Nintendo of America. The upcoming title already offers players 10 courses and 126 holes, but the DLC should satisfy the craving of golf fans by offering an extra 108 new downloadable holes and additional Mushroom Kingdom golfers.

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klecser2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

This is DLC done right. The cost of a quality title for ten dollars less than the normal price. DLC focused on expanding the game world and not required to be successful or have fun with the original game. Can be bought individually, or all at once with a discount. Exclusive bonus for buying all of it, whether you buy all three separate or all at once. You buy all the DLC and it only costs you 5 bucks more than the established "normal" cost of a game. Or, you don't buy into DLC and the game costs you ten bucks less than a normal game costs.

If any of you hit this with the "some of its available from day one so its evil" argument, you are part of the problem, not the solution.