Postcard Review: Chrono Trigger

"When a game is considered one of the greatest of all time, it’s important to look back on it and see what exactly made it so universally hailed." - Stephen Hilger

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Tetsujin2265d ago

Chrono Trigger is where I started RPGs on a full scale (FF 1 on NES is where it began however not as much). Games like this aren't made anymore sadly.

I also remember the countless arguments in middle school between this and FF 3/6, which was better.

I_am_Batman2265d ago

Yeah I could never choose one over another because they both represent pretty much the best of the best of it's genre for me.

There are times when I prefer FF6 and there are times when I prefer CT but I can't say which is the better game ultimately.

Tetsujin2265d ago

When I got older I chose FF3/6 because it had a more mature theme (even for an SNES game) that Chrono Trigger couldn't carry when it involved certain situations. When I was younger, 14-early 20s) I voted CT hands down, now that I'm a lot older (early 30s) I'd have to say FF 3/6. I'll still boot up both though on occasion.

Still though, both proved SquareSoft knew what they were doing, used their resources to the max, and actually made something to cater the fans.