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The dungeon crawler genre blossomed in the 1980s with excellent showings from multiple regions. Wizardry, Megami Tensei and others set the groundwork for what would become a staple in the video game industry. Demon Gaze is the most recent of dungeon crawlers out there and one of the few available to Vita players so far. The experience provided is solid but also makes a few unusual decisions that may lure players in or push them away.

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ValKilmer2276d ago

Wow, another good NIS game? Is the universe going to collapse into itself?

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randomass1712276d ago

The Vita certainly seems to be another haven for JRPGs just like the 3DS... this handheld JRPG comeback is quite interesting.

SpiralTear2276d ago

Japan's doing the most leg work for the Vita these days. Good to see the system getting some quality software.

randomass1712276d ago

It definitely seems that way. Japan loves the handheld market, that's for sure. My hope is that more of us Sony fans get reintroduced to Japanese games and the Japanese game market in general. I feel the industry is a little too western dominated.

Drithe2276d ago

I have been waiting for this game. Can't wait!

HighResHero2276d ago

The Vita has a lot of games I am interested in.

stavrami2276d ago

friday is all systems go ….cant wait to load up this bad boy

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