Ten essential dungeon crawlers for current platforms

Digitally Downloaded writes: "At DDNet, we do love a good Wizardry-style dungeon crawler. There is something classic and timeless about delving deep into a hive of monsters and traps, overcoming them bit by bit while developing an intricate map of the sprawl of corridors and rooms along the way."

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Nivekki2430d ago

I think you're missing Darkest Dungeon.

slinky1234562429d ago

Still upset Atlus sided with Nintendo for Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. I don't mind it's on 3DS, I mind it's not on any PS console cause the PS community are the ones that built the franchise and even made P4G a success on an unsupported system... then they decide to not give us Q but instead a dancing game *FACEPALM*

MattS2429d ago

A very good "dancing" game.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2429d ago

The developers are the developers of the Etrian Odyssey series which are exclusives to the Nintendo DS/3DS and which sole mechanci is drawing and constructing maps on the touch screen.

Such feature can not be replicated on Vita.

slinky1234562429d ago

Not owned by Nintendo though, Atlus could/should work on it from the dev or another to be on Vita instead of betraying the fans like such. And there has been hundreds of games where touch screen from the 3DS has been replaced with the Vita touch screen and back touch pad. Seen gameplay, easily portable.

MattS2429d ago

Please do explain how you make a game that actually needs two screens on a console that has one, Slinky.

It has nothing to do with the touch screen. It is the fact that the Etrian Odyssey mechanics require both the map and the "action" to be displayed - and interacted with - at the same time, at all times.

A map overlay, as other dungeon crawlers do on the Vita, would not work, as you wouldn't be able to draw on that while you played.