Is SOE's H1Z1 a DayZ clone, or is it more?

Does Sony bring anything new to the concept of zombie survival MMO, or is H1Z1 simply another higher-budget DayZ clone? Many of H1Z1's elements are ringing an all too familiar bell, and SOE's "new" concepts were long pondered upon and considered by Rocket.

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DigitalRaptor2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

It's similar but it's not a clone.

It would be a clone if SOE's end-goals were the same as Bohemia's, but nope, the scope is different as already outlined by Smedley on numerous occasions. They've already discussed lots of features not currently available in DayZ.

And of course it's more, since PlanetSide 2's Forgelight engine is capable of more, and isn't single-purpose ARMA engine. They have more room to expand, optimise and simply offer more at a faster rate.

H1Z1: Thousands of players in a persistent, ever-changing world.
DayZ: 150 players. Scope not comparable.

I hope both push each other to create highly individual products though.

ScareFactor2266d ago

Gameplay and concept they are the same but there are some differences

WeAreLegion2265d ago

Major differences. Just check out the subreddit. We'll know more soon. It's still fairly early into development.

It was inspired by DayZ though. H1Z1 wouldn't exist without it. I just think H1Z1 will do it better.

Saryk2264d ago

Well since I bought Dayz, I hope you're wrong. But they have the funds and talent to pull it off. I hate microtranactions!