Quantic Dream Working on “AAA” PS4 Game With Real Time Hair and Cloth and Physically Based Materials

Quantic Dream is working on a PS4 game, and recent career opportunity ads posted by the studio (interestingly enough, the new ads are only in French, and they don’t appear in the English language area) give quite a few new elements on what this title will entail.

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rarity2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Cool Can't wait to see what it is! I bet it'll look better than the dark sorcerer.

Abriael2272d ago

Better would be hard, The Dark Sorcer was built with a makeshift development pipeline from PS3, but it was a controlled environment with three characters and a single room. There's a lot more going on in an actual game, but still, I have pretty high expectations :D

randomass1712271d ago

Makes you wonder just what these guys are seeking to accomplish with the PS4 hardware...

zeee2271d ago

I loved Heavy Rain but still haven't picked up Beyond. Have any of you played it? What's your feedback?

ZodTheRipper2271d ago

I just hope they put a bigger focus on fun gameplay in their next title. Games like Uncharted and God Of War have already shown that a cinematic game can also be fun to play.

kneon2271d ago

It depends on the nature of the game. For example most scenes in Heavy Rain were set in a few rooms or less and usually only included a few characters. With those kinds of constraints then such a game could look better than the Dark Sorcerer.

DeadMansHand2271d ago

@zee. I thought it was one of the best games this generation. Suburb visuals, voice acting and story. Great game. If you liked HE you will love it.

FlunkinMonkey2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

All of Quantic Dreams' games have surpassed all of their in-engine showcases previously shown before release. I think it will definitely look better if their track record is anything to go by.

larrysdirtydrawss2271d ago

I don't see why not,in most cases in quantum games your in a small controlled environments with limited interactions,and sometimes a semi open area(but with still a semi controlled interaction) . it was a quickly put together thing and not built from the ground up to fully utilize the ps4... and in the dark sorcerer demo, there was about 14-15 guys on screen.. remember the green goblin guy keep getting duplicates from some glitch in the demo story (if I remember correctly)

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VaporCell2272d ago

Nice ! Now if only SSM announced something I would feel overjoyed :)

DOMination-2271d ago

Not this year. The game that was furthest along was cancelled

Blaze9292271d ago

lol AAA. I love Quantic Dream as much as the next guy but this term right here needs to start being used in other ways or something.

Would we all call BEYOND: Two Souls AAA? I loved Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain (Heavy Rain being my favorite).

But I just did nooooot like BEYOND. Felt almost like a task trying to finish that "game". Characters, story, none of that was as interesting as the previous two games IN MY OPINION.

I'm interested to see this game but slapping AAA on every job posting comes with a big more scrutiny.

But what about you all's opinion? Was BEYOND "AAA"?

greenlantern28142271d ago

I agree after Indigo Prophecies and Heavy Rain I thought Beyond was a let down. Game looked great but the way the story was told just didn't flow and never really drew me in or made me care about it.

maniacmayhem2271d ago

The term AAA is used for how each project cost by each company.

Beyond is definitely a AAA project from Quantic Dream, due to the high budget and production put into it. Whether you liked it or not is irrelevant, the game was of high production value.

Every company has there own meaning of AAA based on budget, marketing, and production.

Blaze9292271d ago

@maniacmayhem so as a game developer, in trying to hire someone you're going to call your game "a" or small time? That's like saying "meh, we do a little something over here. Might be good. Might not. Nothing too big."

who's gonna say that?

Aquariusgamer2271d ago

I think AAA is defined more by budget than actual game quality.

I could be wrong though.

maniacmayhem2271d ago


No, you're going to say "hiring for game development." or "game engineer", "associate producer for console games", "executive assistant to mobile games", and so on and so forth.

Like Aquarious put it, AAA games are determined by their budget. A triple A game from a giant like EA might be different than a triple A game from a smaller company like Double Fine. But they both could be defined as triple A games. Time, money, marketing, production, all of that is factored in when making a triple A game.

Salooh2271d ago

Man , why soo negative ?. Yes , Beyond wasn't as good as heavy rain in story but it achieved things. The atmosphere and graphics were awesome for a ps3 game. The story is great compared to other games though.

Quantic dream games are definitely AAA because their games are huge . The next project will prove it.

porkChop2271d ago

You quite obviously have no idea what AAA means.

TitanUp2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

aaa refers to budget not scores. beat by lots of people anyways these guys next project intrigues me.

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imt5582271d ago

The Dark Sorcerer 99%. :)

kneon2271d ago

I'd rather see Kara become a game.

nunley332271d ago

I would rather see a kara game too,that singularity game they're rumored to be making fits the desciption.

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WeAreLegion2272d ago

I absolutely love QD. Can't wait to see what they do.

randomass1712271d ago

Yes indeedy. Get hyped! :D

chrissx2272d ago

Quantic dreams one of my favs,can't wait to see their Ps4 game

avengers19782272d ago

They have had me hooked since indigo prophecies. QD always offers up something different and interesting

Omran2272d ago

can't wait, they get my attention with
heavy rain and beyond two souls !

Hellsvacancy2272d ago

I'm still hoping for Farenheit HD

Kurisu2272d ago

I never got to play Faranheit so I'd like that.

Moe-Gunz2272d ago

I would love that. Farenheit/Indigo Prophecy was so good imo.

G20WLY2271d ago

Maybe we'll be able to play the original through PlayStation Now.

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