Game Sales for April 19th, 2014

Carl Williams writes, "Games on sale are a great way to grab good games at a great sale price and possibly try some new ones that might have otherwise passed by. Titanfall is on sale this week (20% off) and as usual, there are more than a few Battlefield, Sims, etc titles on sale this weekend so get to reading and grab the ones that interest you. These sales won’t last."

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WiredX3081d ago

Yes!! Time to go shoppin'

TitanUp3080d ago

i know a few people who will be excited for the sims sale.

Skate-AK3080d ago

I would have bought Sims if it was the console version. My girlfriend has been asking for me to get her one.

MysticStrummer3080d ago

I forgot I had Sims 3 for my PS3, but after I moved I started going through boxes and there it was. I started a new game and have had lots of fun with it. My sim is now a movie soundtrack composer and his wife is a mad scientist. It's just too bad all that extra PC content isn't in there.

Now I just have to decide whether to use that extra room in our house for a kid… or to trap other sims in there and let them starve to death.

Skate-AK3080d ago

Starve them to death. Kids are overrated.