Rumor: Assassin's Creed Unity's Separate 4-Player Co-Op Campaign to be Shown at E3; Two Demos Coming

Some attendees at the Destination PlayStation retailer-only event said that Ubisoft brought the most surprising goods at the show, and a glimpse on that might have just been leaked today.

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FogLight2272d ago

That is gonna be extremely interesting to see, and I love co-op :3

randomass1712271d ago

If it's online, I'm sold.

SoulWarrior2272d ago

Hope there is an option for local play too!

TitanUp2272d ago

also hoping its not just 4 players but 3 players or 2 players according to how many friends you can get in your game at the time.

i dont play co op with people i dont know.

randomass1712271d ago

Mo' options means mo' opportunities! :D Having local and online is definitely the way to go.

Immorals2272d ago

Hopefully this means they get rid of the terrible multiplayer aspect!

Ittoryu2272d ago

We can only hope. I hope most games like Mass effect scrap MP for CO Op.

starchild2272d ago

Nah, I'm not even really a huge multiplayer gamer, but I enjoyed the multiplayer in games like Uncharted 2, Assassin's Creed series and Mass Effect 3.

Immorals2272d ago

I enjoyed the me3 multi, as it was basically Co op. But imagine an assassins Creed coop in the style of the gta heists, would be incredible..

Dirtnapstor2272d ago

If developers are willing to drop MP for a coop experience they need to make the campaign vary from the SP experience. Why couldn't they? They dump a ton of resources into MP, just divert it.
Unity looks incredible thus far, hope it pans out the way they're implying. Coop in AC could be grand!

randomass1712271d ago

Assassin's Creed multiplayer is pretty meh. I do think it's more suited for co-op. This will probably be much more fun.

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