The Problem With Mighty No. 9 And KickStarter At Large

I wasn’t the hugest Megaman fan to begin with in the first place. So the fact the Capcom wasn’t going to make a new one was fine by me personally. I still have Street Fighter, Monster Hunter, Pokemon, Batman Arkham etc. All of those games to play instead.

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thehobbyist2270d ago

Wow this guy really has no idea what he's talking about. "Mighty No 9. represents another thing wrong with gaming and that’s an unwillingness to try anything new." Well we tried with something new like when Retro Studios tried to give it the Metroid Prime treatment. (Still looks hype to this day) We were going to get a new legends game which is a unique gameplay style in itself and this guy sounds like he's the only one stuck in the NES era.

DiscoKid2270d ago

Soooo the author doesn't care for Megaman, doesn't care for Kickstarter, and doesn't have money to support either. Got it.

Blacklash932270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

They should call this site Editorials 4 Gamers, instead. It would certainly be more accurate, given there's more useless opinion and speculation articles than actual news.